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  • From the Top
    Sunday, July 27th
    Hear Carnegie Hall's National Youth Orchestra of the United States, featuring phenomenal young musicians from nearly every state in the union. READ MORE NEWS...
  • Pacific Symphony in Concert
    Sunday, July 27th
    Four major film composers take a break from Hollywood to present new concert works for the Pacific Symphony’s 14th American Composers Festival. READ MORE NEWS...
  • The Record Shelf
    Sunday, July 27th
    A conversation with the music director of the Buffalo Philharmonic, JoAnn Falletta. READ MORE NEWS...
Ticket Giveaway

Pacific Symphony performs Disney's
“Fantasia”; Also, Dancers Natalia Osipova
& Ivan Vasiliev in Costa Mesa

Moving on up in Santa Barbara

KUSC in Santa Barbara will soon move from 88.7 FM to 93.7 FM. Click here for details.


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