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What If...?: Classical TV Ads

Posted By: Jamie Paisley · 5/2/2013 2:02:00 PM

The distance between Classical music and popular culture isn't as far as you might think. Just take a look at some of the TV shows currently in production:


Now the story of a wealthy composer who thought tonality was lost and the one Brahms who had no choice but to keep harmony and rhythm together.


Mozart's response to the critic that accused him of using "too many notes"? "Bring me my dragon." After all, the night is dark and full of tenors.


Kids can't get enough of Robert Schumann's Symphony No.2 "The Pineapple Under The Sea"


"Is Josephine Brunsvik my 'Immortal Beloved'? Why I couldn't possibly comment." - Senator L.V. Beethoven (I-Bonn)


Who needs "Bazinga" when you've got two or more independent but harmonically related melodic parts sounding together? Amiright?


The Nation Sees A Hero. She Sees A Folk-Dance.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ... there was nothing alien about music theory. Rumor has it the upcoming "Star Wars: Episode VII" is bringing the popular vii° - iii - vi - IV - V - I chord progression into the Millenium Falcon. (thanks to artist Hugh Fleming for his George Lucas-ian pop-art).

Ok, maybe these shows aren't entirely real. But what is real is that Classical KUSC gets 70% of its operating budget from listeners like you.

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  1. mike posted on 09/19/2014 02:56 PM
    these are all really stupid
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