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  1. Randy Johnson posted on 12/04/2012 04:17 PM
    You played some music by Anton Karas the other afernoon. Here's a Jeopardy question: Name a zither player other than Anton Karas.

    There is an interesting story about him in that Graham Greene has scouted Vienna and was there with Director Carol Reed doing additional work. They dined in a restaurant where Karas was playing and they felt an immediate connection between Vienna after the war, the movie, and the music. So they hired him to do the music and I can think of no movie where the music is so identified with the film.

    I has always been my favorite film since i first saw it it the 50's as a teen-ager. Of course I had been prepared by Orson Welles' other film of the era, MacBeth which we saw as we read the play in 10th grade English. Great cinema.

    It turns out Robert Osborne says it is his favorite film as well and Roger Ebert says, "Of all the movies I have seen, this one most completely embodies the romance of going to the movies"

    Maybe tomorrow we can have a bit of zither music on Requests at Noon.

    Finally, talking of "rarely played instruments," how about the cembalo, typical of music of Romania and environs. This is a name for the harpsichord but I mean the one played like a xylophone with small padded "hammers." How about one of Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsodies?
  2. Mark Larson posted on 12/18/2012 04:39 PM
    Well, Rich, I guess that was a pretty good joke from Papa Haydn. I don't know about the rest of the world, but here in Diamond Bar, KUSC went off the air just as we were about to get to the comical bassoon part.


    Mark Larson
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