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Los Angeles  -  March 19, 2012

Classical KUSC and Performing Arts LIVE announce a partnership that will greatly expand the event listing information available on the KUSC website. Under the arrangement, Performing Arts LIVE will provide updated classical music event information from its database to Classical KUSC for display on their online "Concert Calendar."

"We are glad to be able to share this information with the KUSC audience," said Michael Napoli, Executive Director at Performing Arts LIVE. "We are confident that this arrangement with Classical KUSC will enhance the ability of the Southern California performing arts community to connect listeners with the many wonderful classical music performances taking place throughout the region."

"We chose Performing Arts LIVE to provide us this important information because of their commitment and dedication to the performing arts community," explained KUSC President Brenda Barnes. "They are one of the few organizations that has comprehensive event data for classical music, theater and dance events throughout Southern California, making them the primary source for performing arts information in the region."

Classical KUSC is one of the largest and most listened to non-profit classical music stations in the country. It is also the most listened to public radio station in Southern California. KUSC is dedicated to preserving classical music as a living art. Located in downtown Los Angeles, Classical KUSC uses digital transmission technology to broadcast commercial-free uninterrupted classical performances. The non-profit, listener-supported station has been broadcasting for over 60 years. The station is a broadcast service of the University of Southern California at 91.5(FM) in Los Angeles; 88.5 KPSC in Palm Springs; 91.l KDSC in Thousand Oaks, 88.7 KQSC in Santa Barbara, and 99.7 KESC in Morro Bay/San Luis Obispo. For more information, please visit

Performing Arts LIVE maintains the most comprehensive online directory of theater, dance and classical music event data in Southern California. Performing Arts LIVE is a community service that connects performing artists and performing arts organizations with their audiences. Event information is self posted at no cost by the event organizer and is accessed free by visitors to its website from Southern California and around the world.
Michael Napoli
[email protected]

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