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Trying to Place That Song? There's an App for That


Discover songs written about places with Geotunes, a new Spotify app from KUSC Interactive.

JAN. 14, 2013 - From bustling cities to soaring mountains, physical locations have inspired songwriters everywhere. With the help of Geotunes, a new Spotify app from KUSC Interactive, finding songs written about the world around us is now just a click away.

Within the app, users can navigate an interactive map of the United States and listen to hand picked music written about cities, states and landmarks from coast to coast.

“We’re excited to help people explore the relationship between music and their geolocation through this app,” says Brenda Barnes, president of USC Radio.

Not only does Geotunes display playlists of songs, it also tells hidden stories behind tunes.

From the small Midwestern town that moved Antonin Dvorak to write his String Quartet No. 12 (Spillville, Iowa) to the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “City of Angels” (Los Angeles), Geotunes investigates the background of particularly intriguing tunes to connect them to their sometimes not-so-obvious geolocation.

Users can select themes, such as “bars” or “bodies of water,” from a drop down menu to read more about songs with similar points of reference.

Although it was built by KUSC, Geotunes isn’t only about classical songs. Geotunes was created for music lovers of all genres, from symphonies to soul music.

“We wanted to branch out of our usual catalog to reach out to a younger, omnivorous audience,” says Chris Mendez, director of KUSC Interactive, which developed the app.

To download the app, please visit or

For media inquiries and/or to arrange an interview, please contact Chris Mendez at 213.225.7470 or [email protected]

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