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A Musical Offering

with Alan Chapman

(Sundays, 9-11am)

The Baroque period, from the innovations of Monteverdi to the mastery of J.S. Bach, marks the beginning of “modern” music. Hosted by Alan Chapman, this two-hour weekly program offers splendid performances of this rich repertoire.


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  1. Jeff B. posted on 11/27/2012 06:46 PM
    So glad that Alan Chapman was able to continue with a Baroque themed show on Sunday mornings. I loved "Baroque and Beyond" and was afraid it might not be continued after Brian Lauritzen moved over to the "Soul Music" spot.

    So why was the name of the show changed? Maybe it doesn't go "beyond" anymore? Oh well, call it whatever you like as long as you keep the show.

    Thanks, Alan! You're great.
  2. Joanna Mastopietro posted on 01/29/2013 09:04 AM
    Baroque is my favorite, and I tune in religiously Sunday mornings. It just makes my day!!! Thank you Alan for your superb hosting!

  3. Harprealm posted on 02/10/2013 01:22 PM
    Can you tell me what orchestra played the o Mio Bambbino Caro this morning please? driving through to San Diego. Was it on the Children's Classical CD Series? Thank You.
  4. Steven Schlegel posted on 03/17/2013 12:04 PM
    Looiking for flute piece played at 11 Colin Fleming Hamilton/Harty Ulster Orchestra Couldn't find it on Arkviv Help?
    1. Classical KUSC posted on 03/17/2013 08:44 PM
      @Steven Schlegel Copy and paste this link into your browser to find the CD containing "In Ireland" by Hamilton Harty:
  5. marcia posted on 12/18/2013 05:12 PM
    The Baroque is my very favorite period of music and your show is my absolute favorite on KUSC. You play significant works with depth and great artistry. It is most welcome after the awful Soul Music which seems to consist of largely insipid work that is shallow at best.
    1. wiki posted on 12/21/2013 02:25 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 08:31 AM on 12/23/2013
      @marcia The performance can either be rehearsed or improvised. Improvisation is a musical idea created without premeditation, while rehearsal is vigorous repetition of an idea until it has achieved cohesion. Musicians will sometimes add improvisation to a well-rehearsed idea to create a unique performance.
    2. CAROLINE posted on 05/03/2014 02:12 PM
      @marcia I too love Baroque music Marcia but many of us love the SOUL MUSIC as well. For many people, including several I know in hospice, it is the most inspiring and nourishing three hours of music. If you find it "insipid" then listen elsewhere but don't damage the enterprise for those who find it a blessing.
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