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The Record Shelf

with Jim Svejda

(Sundays, 10pm)

Let host Jim Svejda guide you through the best classical recordings on "The Record Shelf." Each week he reviews classical recordings with a passion and insight only he can provide. You’ll gain a deeper appreciation of classical music as you absorb his irreverent, selective and highly opinionated views of classical CDs.

Record Shelf 7/3: "Vaughan Williams' Vaughan Williams"--the great English composer conducts his own music.

Record Shelf 7/10: THE BEST OF THE RECORD SHELF: A second airing of that study of the controversial, brilliantly gifted American bass, actor, and activist, Paul Robeson.

Record Shelf 7/17: A Buyer's Guide to the English Concerto--as survey of the best of the readily available recordings.

Record Shelf 7/24: A conversation with the American conductor David Alan Miller.

Record Shelf 7/31: "The Young Stern" -- featuring some of violinist Isaac Stern's earliest recordings.

Record Shelf 8/7: Pierre Monteux's legendary 1930 recording of Berlioz' Symphonie fantastique.

Record Shelf 8/14: On the Best of the Record Shelf, a rebroadcast of a conversation with guitarist Milos Karadaglic.

Record Shelf, 8/21: Recording by the gifted, tormented Austrian conductor Oswald Kabasta.

Record Shelf 8/28: A conversation with the brilliant young Czech conductor Jabuk Hrusa.


The Record Shelf Guide to Gift Recordings (2015)


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  1. Steve Gabel posted on 03/06/2016 02:52 PM
    Jim: I would like to thank you for the two shows featuring Christian Ferras.
    He was a marvelous violinist, but I was unaware of him until your shows.
    I have since purchased two of his CD's. What a beautiful tone. Thanks
    again. Steve Gabel
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