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Saturday, April 6 at 8AM: Treasure Hunting in Points East

Posted By: Kelsey McConnell · 4/4/2013 1:35:00 PM

This Saturday, Arts Alive heads to the Palm Springs Art Museum to see the modern and contemporary art exhibit Beg, Borrow & Steal (the images below are just a few of the works currently on display) and to Rancho Cucamonga to hear about a musical version of The Phantom Tollbooth at the Lewis Family Playhouse.


John Baldessari, Blockage
courtesy of the Rubell Family Collection


Image Hosted by

Jim Lambie, Tangerine Dream
courtesy of the Rubell Family Collection

Ask the Dean

On Ask the Dean, Dean Rob Cutietta fields a question for the musical AND bookish. From Gail:

This week's question for USC Thornton School of Music Dean Rob Cutietta focused on great books about music. Dan M. even suggested three categories: a must-read book on music for all Americans; something to enlighten the casual music lover, and finally, books Dean Rob and his faculty have recently just really enjoyed. Some of these are Classics; I grew up with The Joy of Music by Leonard Bernstein on our family bookshelf, and was assigned Charles Rosen's Classical Style as a music major at UCLA. It's nice to see USC's own great neuroscientist, Dr. Antonio Damasio, pop up on several lists, and the New Yorker Magazine's eloquent music critic Alex Ross is clearly having wide influence these days. Though Dean Rob and I joke about it on the air a bit, I personally must add my own recommendation from my university days: Donald Grout's History of Western Music. I believe it's been thoroughly updated since the edition that mentioned Stravinsky only in passing! Anyway, here are the lists. Enjoy!


What one book on music do you think every educated American should have read?

Title Author Professor
Escaping the Delta Robert Johnson Ken Lopez
The Invention of the Blues Elijah Wald Ken Lopez
The Enjoyment of Music  Machlis Lucinda Carver
Music: An Appreciation Kamien Lucinda Carver
Musicking: The Meanings of Performing and Listening Christopher Small Beatriz Ilari
A Guide to Musical Styles  Douglas Moore Alan Smith
Listening to Music  Douglas Moore Alan Smith
The Classical Style  Charles Rosen Bruce Brown
The Rest is Noise Alex Ross Ken Lopez, Lucinda Carver, Margaret Batjer, Bruce Brown, Judith Farmer
Musicophilia Oliver Sacks Ken Lopez, Margaret Batjer, Beatriz Ilari
The World That Made New Orleans: Spanish Silver to Congo Square Nick Sublette Ken Lopez
Cuba and it's Music: From the First Drums to the Mambo Nick Sublette Ken Lopez


What collection of books would you recommend for serious,  but non-professional, music lovers to advance their insights, understandingand enjoyment of the art?

Title Author Professor
What to Listen for in Music Aaron Copland Lucinda Carver
The Joy of Music  Leonard Bernstein Lucinda Carver
Music: An Illustrated Encylopedia of Musical Instruments and the Great Composers Max Wade-Matthews and Wendy Thompson Lucinda Carver
Music in everyday life Tia De Nora Beatriz Ilari
The Musical Ear: Oral Tradition in the USA  Anne McLucas Beatriz Ilari
From Dawn to Decadence: 1500 to the Present  Jacques Barzun Alan Smith
New Oxford History of Music  Richard Taruskin Bruce Brown
The Rest is Noise Alex Ross Ken Lopez, Lucinda Carver, Margaret Batjer, Bruce Brown, Judith Farmer
The Unanswered Question Leonard Bernstein Margaret Batjer
The Great Pianists from Mozart to the Present Harold Schonberg Lucinda Carver
The Lives of the Great Composers Harold Schonberg Lucinda Carver
Facing the Music Harold Schonberg Lucinda Carver
The Great Conductors Harold Schonberg Lucinda Carver
The Glorious Ones Harold Schonberg Lucinda Carver
This is Your Brain on Music Daniel Levitin Margaret Batjer
The World in Six Songs, How the Musical Brain Created Human Nature Daniel Levitin Margaret Batjer
Self Comes to Mind Antonio Damasio Margaret Batjer


What books about music have you read recently that were really fun reads?

Title Author Professor
An Evening in the Palace of Reason: Bach Meets Frederic the Great in the Age of Enlightenment James R. Gaines Lucinda Carver
The Rest is Noise  Alex Ross Ken Lopez, Lucinda Carver, Margaret Batjer, Bruce Brown, Judith Farmer
Opera Antics and Anecdotes  Stephen Tanner Lucinda Carver
The Singing Neanderthals  Stephen Mithen Beatriz Ilari
Musicophilia Oliver Sacks Ken Lopez, Margaret Batjer, Beatriz Ilari
Was Mozart Poisoned? : Medical Investigations into the Lives of the Great Composers  John O'Shea Alan Smith
The Soloist Mark Salzman Margaret Batjer
Looking for Spinoza Antonio Damasio Margaret Batjer
Beethoven's Letters Collection   Margaret Batjer
Blue Monday: Fats Domino and the Lost Dawn of Rock and Roll Rick Coleman Ken Lopez
Electric Eden Rob Young Ken Lopez
The Devil's Music Master - the Controversial Life and Career of Wilhem Furtwängler  Sam Shirakawa Lucinda Carver
How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony (and Why You Should Care) Ross Duffin Lucinda Carver
Music in the Galant Style: Being an Essay on Various Schemata Characteristic of Eighteernth-Century Music for Courtly Chambers, Chapels, and Theaters, Including Tasteful Passages of Music Drawn from the Most Excellent Chapel Masters in the Employ of Noble and Noteworthy Personages, Said Music all Collected for the Reader’s Delectation on the World Wide Web Robert Gjerdingen Bruce Brown


Kenneth Turan's Movie Review

Film critic Kenneth Turan spread the word about a Burt Lancaster retrospective at UCLA.



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