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Arts Alive Poetry Contest Entries: A Poetic End to the Week

Posted By: Kelsey McConnell · 5/3/2013 2:18:00 PM

The number and quality of entries for the first Arts Alive Poetry Contest has been overwhelming. To everyone who submitted a poem: thank you! We hope you've enjoyed reading the ones we've posted this week on the Arts Alive blog. Here are a few more before the work week closes (and be sure to tune in tomorrow at 8AM to Arts Alive to hear Brian Lauritzen read one of his favorites).

City of Angels
by Eddie Glass

I am bordered by the mountains
And spread out to the sea
A potpourri of ethnic communities
Sprawling and congested
My environs are diverse
A focal point to many
Who fill this universe
I am a hub-bub of excitement
Depending on ones taste
Or a den of tranquility
Whatever be your pace
I am beauty, I am beast
Your choice, your belief
Yes, I'm far from perfect
And suffer frailties
Yet no place in this world
Holds a candle to me
I am a metropolis of distinction
And so named reverently
The City of Angels
I am melodic by nature
A constant drone persists
Sundry be my framework
I encompass all of this
Be it classical be it jazz
All sounds are my milieu
They are embedded in my essence
A gift I give to you
The City of Angels


Musical Tapestry
by Kay McGregor

Surf, turf, and a ribbon of sand,
Where the silver-sparkled ocean meets the land, Granite-streaked peaks of mountains high Where earth struggles up to meet the sky; Valleys and deserts stretch in between Blend a rainbow of golds and greens Punctuated by flowers and trees.
Wild winds and soft breezes
Bring warmth and cooling in seasons.
All this within an hours drive;
No wonder it\'s good to be alive
Enjoying the Southern California palette, Dancing Nature\'s ballet.

From deserts spare
Come harmonies rare,
Haunting melodies dare
To lay our moods bare.

Rhythm of surf and tides
Give percussion\'s design,
Skateboards clickity-clack,
Breakers and thunder roll and crash,
Kites and lightening dip, soar, and snap.

Jazz teases,
Classical pleases,
Country stories plead,
Hip-hop and Rock give heed.

From street corners to Disney Hall,
Musicians play it all.
Our many cultures call
For space in the air
Their melodies to share.
All together a musical tapestry,
Providing such great variety
For our amazing So-Cal diversity.

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