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A Trip to Los Angeles Nomadic Division's Downtown Pop-up Gallery

Posted By: Kelsey McConnell · 7/12/2013 9:26:00 AM

Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND) pairs unique locations with contemporary art to create pop-up exhibitions free of admission. One of these flash exhibits has taken over the Farmers and Merchants Bank, a 1905 building at the corner of 4th and Main downtown. It's a big, empty space with architectural details that hint at its history and a classic facade that makes it an ideal shooting location for movies and TV shows looking for an LA locale to double as New York or DC. From now until the end of the month, LAND is showing Painting in Place at the old bank. It's a show that uses paint and space to explore memory, the passing of time and the connection between body and mind. 

Arts Alive visited Painting in Place to talk to LAND's Co-Founder and Curator Shamim Momin about moving West, founding LAND and what the organization adds to the dynamic and eclectic arts environment of Los Angeles.




One of the two large rooms being used for the exhibit. The spaces are connected by a hallway also hung with art.


The second room. LAND co-founder and curator Shamim Momin collaborated with the artists to pair their work with a specific part of the exhibition space.


Part of Sarah Cain's Runaway. The workcovers one of the bank's giant windows, but is painted on a film lain over the glass, so it can be removed after the exhibition.


Olga Koumoundouros' Possession; version 3 starts at one end of the exhibition, disappears into the ceiling and then reappears at the other end of Painting in Place.

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