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The Striking Set-Piece at the Center of the Getty's New Outdoor Play

Posted By: Sheila Tepper · 8/30/2013 11:32:00 AM

Each fall, the series Outdoor Theater at the Getty Villa brings a classical tragedy or comedy to life. This year, the Getty has joined with CalArts for a production called Prometheus Bound from a new translation by Joel Agee. It's the story of the Titan Prometheus, who steals fire from Mount Olympus to help humankind survive. Zeus is enraged and sentences Prometheus to spend eternity chained to a boulder and getting his liver pecked out by an eagle day after day. In the play, Prometheus rails against the gods and all the world's injustices. 

For this production, the boulder is being traded for a huge wheel structure designed by Efren Delgadillo, Jr. Here's Delgadillo (left) with director Travis Preston (right)


The wheel is 23 feet tall and has a smaller inner wheel. The structure can be manipulated by the actors during the performance.


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Here are Travis Preston, Mirjana Jokovic who plays lo, Efren Delgadillo, Jr. & Ron Cephas Jones. Ron Cephas Jones plays Prometheus and is strapped to a small wheel orbiting the rim of the larger disc for the entire performance.



To hear more about Prometheus Bound and the inspiration for the giant wheel,
tune in to Arts Alive on Saturday, August 31st at 8AM or listen to the podcast.

Photographs courtesy Susie Goodman.

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