Tour the Danube with Dennis Bartel

November 2–13, 2016
Prague & The Blue Danube
Budapest | Bratislava | Vienna | Salzburg
Join us for a classical cruise by river ship with KUSC Host Dennis Bartel
November 2–13, 2016

Join fellow KUSC classical music lovers for a historic cruise down the Blue Danube with host Dennis Bartel. Discover the charming markets, grand opera houses and world class museums of Budapest, Bratislava, Salzburg, Vienna, and Prague. Celebrate the genius of Mozart, Strauss, Beethoven, Mahler, Liszt, and Haydn by visiting the very places where these great composers lived, loved and worked. A world class performance in Prague has been reserved. In addition, you’ll be treated to an exclusive concert in Mozart’s rst home in Vienna and another at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. Enjoy backstage tours and insider experiences on this exclusive classical Danube cruise with KUSC.

*To find out more details and information on availability, call Minnie Prince at 1-213-225-7534

What’s Included:

• Three included pre-cruise nights in glorious Prague

• A top opera/classical performance in Prague

• Concerts in Vienna, Budapest and Salzburg

• Exclusive backstage tours of celebrated opera houses

• Special visits the homes of the great composers

• Seven nights first class cruising on the romantic Danube

• Unique dining experiences featuring regional specialties

• Complimentary wine served during dinner

• Special highlights including lectures, theme dinners, onboard music performances and afternoon/evening piano music

• Airport transfers for those arriving/ departing with the group

• A like minded group of fellow classical music lovers

*To find out more details and information on availability, call Minnie Prince at 1-213-225-7534

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