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Gail Eichenthal


Gail Eichenthal is Executive Producer of KUSC and our sister station in San Francisco, KDFC. For both stations, she oversees arts coverage, concert broadcasts, and live productions.

After more or less growing up at KUSC in the late 1970’s and 80’s, Gail rejoined the KUSC staff in 2005 following an absence of 16 years, during which she pursued a broadcast news career.

Gail began her association with KUSC as Abram Chasins Intern in 1976, joining the staff the following year, as an editor, on-air host, and documentary producer. She began her association with the LA Philharmonic in 1978, becoming the first woman to host the radio broadcasts of a major American orchestra. Gail handed the LA Phil baton (well, microphone) over to KUSC colleague Brian Lauritzen in 2008.

From 1994-2005, Gail was a staff news reporter and news anchor at KNX-AM, the CBS News station in Los Angeles. At KNX, she picked up 13 Golden Mikes, the Bill Stout Enterprise Award, Associated Press awards, and other regional and national honors.

Gail has also published articles for the LA Times Calendar, LA Times Sunday Magazine, and Symphony Magazine.

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