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Rich Capparela


In 1972 an employment counselor asked Rich Capparela, "If you could be anything in the world, what would you be?" Without hesitation he replied, "A classical music radio announcer!" Today Rich is one of the best-known classical music radio personalities in the United States.

Capparela announces concert broadcasts in Southern California for the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, and the New West Symphony. His recording company, Cardiff Studios, produces commercials and programming for U.S. arts organizations, including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

The July 1998 "Best of L.A." edition of Los Angeles Reader chose Capparela as "The Best Classical D.J. in Los Angeles." In December of 1998 Rich debuted at Carnegie Hall as a narrator in a performance of Benjamin Britten's World of the Spirit. In November of 1999 he made his first appearance with the Boston Pops and conductor Keith Lockhart, narrating The Night Before Christmas. Beginning in 1998 Rich became a member of the annual Grammy Awards screening committee for classical music. In 2001 he voiced the theatrical trailer for the Rachel Griffiths film Amy and portrayed the Emperor of China in the 26-week animation series Flutemaster, which began airing throughout the United States in 2003. In December of 2001 as part of Los Angeles Music Week Capparela was honored in chamber by the Los Angeles City Council for his contributions to the city's music community. In 2002 Capparela provided program notes for LAGQ: Latin, the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet's debut album for the Telarc label. The album received a Grammy Nomination in the "Best Crossover Album" category. Rich continued his association with the Grammys in February of 2004 when he presented the year's classical Grammys in Los Angeles.

One of Rich's secret passions has reemerged within the past few years. He is once again active as a lead singer and guitarist with a four-piece cover rock band, Otherwise Normal. His other interests include the deep blue sea. He's been a scuba instructor and has conducted tours to the Caribbean and the Fiji Islands. He's also tried his hand at skydiving. Rich and his wife Marcia, a private school administrator, live in Santa Monica, California.

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