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KUSC now has a new and improved web stream. Each of the players and links below will take you to the new stream.

Listen to KUSC from a direct address

Listen to KUSC on the Classical KUSC Player

Classical KUSC can be heard online by clicking on the Play button at the top right side of this screen. A player will pop up and you'll want to click on the Play arrow in the middle of the player. The player will also display the program title, the composer and the piece title currently being played. This information will update automatically every 60 seconds.

Listen to KUSC on other media players

If you prefer to use a player such as WinAmp, Real Player or Windows Media Player please click on one of the following links:

Winamp   128k   64k
Real Player   128k   64k
Windows Media Player   128k   64k
Various Players   128k   64k

Listen to KUSC on your smartphone

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can take Classical KUSC with you wherever you go. Download the free KUSC app from the iTunes store and listen away from home. Or, if you're an Android user - KUSC is proud to present the new and improved Classical KUSC Android app, available for free from the Google Play Store. Click here for details.

Listen to KUSC on iHeartRadio

Listen to KUSC on iHeartRadio through your web browser, on your mobile device or tablet, in your car, and on connected devices including Xbox and GoogleTV. For details on iHeart Apps click here. For details on how to listen in your car, click here. To listen to KUSC on the iHeartRadio website, simply click on the button to the right.

Listen to KUSC on iTunes

KUSC is available in iTunes. If you have recently upgraded to iTunes 11.1 and can no longer find internet radio stations, follow these steps: In iTunes go to Edit > Preferences [shortcut: (Mac) command+, (PC) Ctrl+,] and on the General tab make sure the box next to 'Internet Radio' is ticked. You should then see an Internet tab on the Music part of your iTunes library as pictured:

In the list of Streams, open "Classical" and click on "Classical KUSC."

Listen to KUSC on an internet radio

Internet radios have become very popular over the past few years. These players use your home or office broadband connection to stream internet radio stations. Many of these players come with Classical KUSC as a pre-set. However, if you need to program KUSC into your internet radio, please use one of the following addresses:
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