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Classical KUSC is a listener-supported radio station. Seventy-three percent of what it takes to stay on the air comes from listeners just like you!

Being a Classical KUSC member means that you are playing your part to keep classical music alive on the air in Southern California. Classical KUSC relies on your support to fund:

  • Maintenance and upgrades on transmitter and studio equipment to better your listening experience
  • Expansion of Classical KUSC’s music library to introduce you to the best recordings and new releases
  • Creation of new programming initiatives to pique your interest so you always have something to look forward to
  • Classical KUSC’s expansion and growth to serve our audience in Southern California and the world

Please show your support by becoming a member or renewing your membership today.

Membership Levels


Classical KUSC offers membership at many levels to fit our listeners' lifestyles and budgets.

Membership support ranges from $25 per year for seniors and students, up to Leadership Giving of $2,500 and above. The most important factor when deciding what membership level you should join is determining the level that's right for you.

Every dollar goes to support the music you love and Classical KUSC welcomes donations of any amount.

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Member Benefits

Classical KUSC Members are rewarded with perks that benefit them on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis!

  • Each month, members receive the Members’ Newsletter, an overview of Classical KUSC’s programming for the month to come, peppered with local arts and cultural features, a letter from Classical KUSC’s President, and reviews of classical recordings by Jim Svejda, host of The Record Shelf.
  • Each quarter, Classical KUSC members are eligible to win a complimentary pair of tickets to a Classic Event or concert sponsored by Classical KUSC.
  • Each year, members receive the Classic Card, your passport to savings and discounts at arts and cultural institutions!
  • Most importantly, each day when KUSC members turn on the radio to enjoy commercial-free classical music, they know they’ve played their part in keeping classical music alive and on the air in Southern California!
  • Donations to Classical KUSC are tax-deductible, as allowed by law. Members receive an acknowledgement and annual receipt for their contributions.

Classic Card

The KUSC Classic Card is your passport to savings at arts and cultural institutions throughout Southern California.

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Membership Gifts

Being a KUSC Member has its rewards... with many pledge amounts, you may request a thank you gift as a token of our appreciation. With a wide variety of gifts to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

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Membership Sustainer

Be a part of a distinguished group of members who have come together to ensure a bright future for Classical KUSC with your monthly sustaining gift of support. Your sustaining gift will help create a lasting legacy of quality programming ensuring that classical music has a home on the radio.
Your gift of $5 or more a month allows you to stand with us each and every month to keep classical music on the radio and will make sure that future generations are able to learn and appreciate the joy of classical music.

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KUSC Tours - Archived

KUSC along with 25 Members/Listeners each year participate in amazing adventures from cities in the U.S. to countries around the world experiencing music, theatre, art, food, culture and much more.  Accompanied by a selected KUSC host, Minnie Prince and a fabulous tour guide participants are escorted through these wonderful experiences.  See below for past KUSC Tour Brochures.

•    London Tour – May 29 – June 6, 2016
•    Philadelphia & Washington DC Tour – September 29 – October 5, 2016
•    Rome Tour - March 9-17, 2015 
•    Québec Tour - September 16-23, 2014
•    Baden-Baden and Berlin Tour - April 11-21, 2014
•    Chicago Tour - September 30 - October 6, 2013
•    Paris and Provence Tour - March 15-25, 2013
•    Berkshires Tour - August 7-13, 2012
•    Northern Italy Tour– March 14-25, 2012
•    Vienna and Salzburg Tour – April 10-19, 2011
•    San Francisco Tour– November 17-20, 2011
•    New York Tour – October 27 – November 2, 2010
•    Sante Fe Tour – August 13-18, 2009

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