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The Morning Show with Dennis Bartel

Weekdays starting at 6 a.m.

Join Dennis Bartel weekday mornings for a mix of great music and special features. Stay up to date at 6:58 with What's Happening in the World (of Classical Music)? Hop aboard the KUSC Off-To-School Request at quarter past seven. Please be in your seats and ready to take The KUSC Great Composer Quiz at quarter to eight, and at quarter past at last comes The KUSC Artist of the Morning. Plus, Dennis’ friendly weather at eight & nine. Good morning, it’s a new day!

Off-To-School Request

Weekdays at 7:15 a.m. on The Morning Show

Dennis Bartel invites kids and adults to make an Off-To-School request and start the day off on the right note. Dennis will play a request each weekday at 7:15 a.m., so get your request in now!

The Great Composer Quiz

Bartel's Blog

  • Mozart's Bank Statements

    Among the many myths surrounding Mozart is the one that has him living hand to mouth in his final years and dying a pauper. But recent research and estimates made by scholars and economists reveal a different story. For instance, two such economists in New York, William and Hilda Baumol, estimate that Mozart’s income in the last decade of his life, when most wage earners lived at the edge of subsistence, was thoroughly middle class by today’s standards. Using the commonly held standa... Bartel's Blog / Bartel's Blog
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