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2) Somewhere in Time

by John Barry

Somewhere in Time (1980).
A Chicago playwright uses self-hypnosis to find the actress whose vintage portrait hangs in a grand hotel.

Director: Jeannot Szwarc

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  1. Oliver Dean posted on 02/28/2014 05:36 PM
    "Somewhere in Time," in spite of its below-par critical reviews and its glaring plot flaw involving the watch, has achieved near cult status among those of us who nonetheless were delighted by the intriguing (and superbly acted!) time-travel story, accompanied by the gloriously poignant John Barry score. In fact, this score was so successful that Barry apparently used the same orchestration later in a similar score for "Out of Africa," which is also well worth listening to.
  2. dave posted on 02/28/2014 08:08 PM
    i am so happy to see "somewhere in time" make the list and at #2! this is an excellent soundtrack. john barry did some fabulous work on several movie scores but i think this is his best...... very underrated and it wasn't even on the movie list to choose from.
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