Classical KUSC Staff



Brenda Barnes

Bill Lueth
Vice-President, USC Radio

Rina Romero
Senior Business Manager

Budget Coordinator 

Bill Lueth
Program Director
Gail Eichenthal
Executive Producer, USC Radio

Kelsey McConnell
Assistant Program Director

Mark Hatwan
Production Director
Jamie Paisley
Music Director
Underwriting/Corporate Support

Abe Shefa
Director of Corporate Sales

Shauna Der
Senior Account Executive

New Media

Chris Mendez
Web Developer

Tim Herscovitch
Interactive Content Lead

Dennis Bartel
Rich Capparela
Alan Chapman
Brian Lauritzen
Duff Murphy
Jim Svejda
Jamie Paisley
Blake Lawrence
Robin Pressman


Minnie Prince
Director of Development

Jaime Cisneros
Database Administrator

Nicole Coe
Gift Processing Manager

Lilly Lau
Development Coordinator

Susannah Hutchison
Gift Processing Coordinator

Dana Owens
Development Customer Service Coordinator
Engineering and Operations

Ron Thompson
Director of Engineering

IT Specialist

Bill Kappelman
Director of Compliance

Steve Coghill
Director of Operations

Steve Sevy
Operations Coordinator

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