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The Opera Event of the Summer
SMETANA’S The Bartered Bride
The Bartered Bride is a comedic tale, steeped in tradition, full of poignant moments and expansive Czech melodies. The lovely young Maƙenka doesn’t want an arranged marriage, so the marriage broker is tricked into a contract that allows her to be betrothed to her true love. Lively dancing by the State Street Ballet and a colorful circus create an atmosphere all ages can enjoy. Conducted by "Opera's 25-year old hope" (The New York Times) Matthew Aucoin.

Academy Festival Orchestra / Voice Program fellows
State Street Ballet
Marilyn Horne voice program director
Matthew Aucoin Elaine F. Stepanek Foundation opera conductor
David Paul director
Fri, Jul 29, 7:30 pm & Sun, Jul 31, 2:30 pm / Granada Theatre, 1214 State Street or 805-969-8787

Classical KUSC has one VIP pair for The Bartered Bride on Friday, July 29. Please click here to email KUSC at [email protected] to be entered into a drawing to win the pair of tickets. Include your name, address and phone number. Only listeners who have not won tickets in the last 90 days are eligible. Only winners will be contacted. KUSC does not offer refunds or exchange of tickets.



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