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How to allow allow push notifications on App

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Apple iOS: Enabling push notifications

  • Open the Classical KUSC App

  • Tap on Settings

  • Check Permissions are set with Notifications enabled

  • Follow the instructions on the phone to turn on Allow Notifications

Google Android: Enabling push notifications

  • Open your device's Settings app.

  • Tap Notifications > App settings

  • In the dropdown menu, tap All apps

  • Find Classical KUSC app.

  • Tap the app.

  • Turn the app's notifications on.

What notifications will the KUSC app send?

By enabling notifications on the mobile app you're opting in to Classical KUSC sending a push notification whenever one of the following happens:

  • Launch of a new classical stream

  • Announcement about a special on-air program

  • Announcement about start and end of a new pledge drive

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Published on 05.01.2024