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New Tech Rescues Those Challenged by Terpsichore

I was sent to dancing class in grade school. We were raised by a mom from a bygone time where knowing how to move on the dance floor helped create a well-rounded boy or girl. I eventually mastered the waltz and fox trot and other ballroom dances (all since forgotten, sorry mom). Later I was introduced to the hustle and electric slide but found I could never remember the moves.

Matching dance moves to the beat is a not uncommon challenge for aspiring dancers. Now some software developers are accessing forth coming Apple tech to integrate the sometimes tricky moves with the beat.

Later this year Apple will release iOS 11 and that new operating system on the soon to be released iPhone 8 will allow for AR or “augmented reality”. Some of the early demos have allowed you to don a headset, slide your phone in it and see a Space X rocket “land” in your backyard. More practically, some developers are experimenting with the ARKit (software creator’s development tool kit) to teach us how to dance by overlaying the steps you need to make with the music you dance to.

Read more about this future teaching tool and see the app in action.

Written by:
Hoyt Smith
Hoyt Smith
Published on 08.25.2017