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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Classical California KUSC | September 15 – October 15

Classical music is for everyone. Classical California KUSC’s mission is to make classical music a part of more peoples’ lives, so in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re celebrating some of the many ways Latin American composers and musicians have made, and are making, an indelible impact on classical music. Scroll down to listen to our free 24/7 stream showcasing music from Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world, and go behind the music with a series of stories from our blog and Open Ears video series. Stay tuned with new stories added all month long!

Watch | Open Ears: a series of stories about composers, musicians, and conductors who deserve more recognition.

Pauline Oliveros was a maverick in the field of contemporary classical music, particularly experimental and electronic music. She explored unconventional techniques and approaches to classical instruments, expanding their sonic possibilities. She’s widely known for developing the concept of “Deep Listening.”

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José Pablo Moncayo García, the Mexican composer of Huapango, and a leading figure in his country’s post- revolutionary musical nationalism movement. He wrote 40 works in various genres: ballet, choral, opera, film, chamber music, as well as symphonic pieces. As he said: “Our music must first be deeply Mexican in order to become universal.”

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Teresa Carreño was a Venezuelan pianist, soprano, composer, and conductor. Learn about her musical career, creative life, and how she has inspired generations of pianists, composers, and conductors worldwide.

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Virtuosity and Nostalgia: The Teresa Carreño and Chopin Connection

Frédéric Chopin had a significant influence on the generations of pianists and composers who came after him, and Venezuelan composer Teresa Carreño was no exception. Read about the many personal and professional connections these two virtuosic pianists shared. Read more.

Discover Argentine Prodigy María Luisa Anido

Born in the Morón province of Buenos Aires in 1907, Anido started playing guitar at age 10. She took to the instrument extremely quickly and within a few months, she was well on her path to becoming a virtousic guitarist and composer. Read more.

Stream | Nuestra Música [Hosted in English]

Brisa Siegel celebrates classical music composed, performed, or conducted by musicians from Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world. Classical music con sabor y sazón from our home to yours! 

Listen to Nuestra Música (Hosted in English)

Nuestra Música [Presentado en Español]

Brisa Siegel celebra la música clásica compuesta, interpretada, y dirigida por músicos de América Latina. ¡Música clásica con sabor y sazón, de nuestra casa a la tuya!

Escucha a Nuestra Música (Presentado en Español)

Listen | Tune in for a Hispanic Heritage Month Special on September 23, 4-6PM

Please note: this special has now past.

Brisa Siegel, host of our Nuestra Música stream, takes you to Mexico with the country’s most famous piece of classical music and a piece that welcomes indigenous instruments into the orchestra. Get swept up with Gustavo Dudamel and the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela. Hear flowers growing in Argentina. Dance through Cuba, and spend the summer in Buenos Aires.

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The Classical Team
The Classical Team
Published on 09.27.2023