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Congratulations to the Class of 2020

There may be less pomp under the circumstances, but we’re proud to celebrate the educational accomplishments of the Class of 2020. Now through mid-June, we’re playing your music dedications made in honor of the graduate in your life, every weekday at 7:15AM (plus, more sprinkled in from 1PM – 3PM)!

See a list of dedications below

From: Tonda in Los Angeles
To: For my lovely granddaughter Hannah!
Requesting: Flute Concertino in D major by Cecile Chaminade
My granddaughter Hannah played this for her music graduation recital at Mount Holyoke College this year online (because of COVID 19 she also graduated on Zoom).

From: Grant
To: Craig Bond, retired music and choral director at SHHS
Requesting: Daphnis & Chloe by Ravel
I would like to dedicate this to the class of 2020 at St. Helena High School and Justin Siena High School in Napa Valley. The music program at Justin and SHHS has a long history in supporting the musical arts.

From: Sunny in Newport Beach, CA
To: Elizabeth
Requesting: The Indiana Jones Theme Song by John Williams
Congratulations to our 2020 graduate from UC Irvine, Elizabeth Akindele (akin-del-lay)! Kudos to her accomplishments in Track & Field and Biology major. This musical piece is to reflect the adventure your future will bring! From Dr. Sunny Park & staff

From: Gloria in Anaheim, CA
To: Isabel
Requesting: Mozart’s Overture to the Marriage of Figaro
This is a congratulation for my granddaughter, Isabel Karst, who has published her first engineering paper as the lead author in the journal Remote Sensing. The overture is cheerful and joyful so it seemed an appropriate piece to recognize this young woman’s accomplishment.

From: Miriam in Millbrae, CA
To: Spring Valley Elementar
Requesting: Imperial March by John Williams
My son is moving from second grade to third grade. This is dedicated to all Spring Valley Elementary second grade students moving forward with your awesome lives in this time of high change, with so many people locally who have your back.

From: Mary in Lawndale
To: My sister daughter Monika who just received her degree in Business
I am BMA for a nearby school on March 18. I was told not to go to work because of my age. I am the oldest one there. I am now working from home which is different. My child I worked with at home with mom. I did go to our students graduation it was a car one it was good seeing the students again.

From: Danilo Jose in Daly City
To: Serena
Requesting: South of the Border (Down Mexico Way)
Serena Villagomez is taking a step to High School from 8 years in Grammar School.

From: Gordon and Ginny in Burbank, CA
To: George
Requesting: Richard Wagner’s Overture to Lohengrin
Congratulations George! Class of 2020, Centennial HS Bakersfield CA. Musician, music scholar, marching band, drumline, orchestra, and all-around fine young man! Keep on playing! Love G&G

From: Casey
To: Louis
My nephew Louis VanArsdale, is graduating today as a Senior in High School. He has worked so very hard,  and he is now graduating with Honors. I am local, but as an essential worker who may be exposed, we decided it was best I stay clear, but it is breaking my heart not taking part or even hugging him today.  He and I took a trip to NYC a couple of summers ago, and we listened to Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue”, it was the theme song on our trip, and HE taught ME about the composer and the piece.  He played both cello and violin in school, and he loves classical music – he is not your typical Senior.  He listens to Clair De Lune while he studies – that’s my favorite piece and he loves it now as well. 
From: Mary in Charlottesville
To: Kelly
Requesting: Fantasia on “Greensleves” by Ralph Vaughan Williams
This is dedicated to our daughter, Kelly Tatum a student at Mission College in Santa Clara. She is determined to finish and transfer to the University of California. So, we wish her the best.

From: Dawn in Mission Viejo, CA
To: Bradley and Jonathan
Requesting: Fur Elise Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor by Ludwig van Beethoven
I would like to request this for my sons who are graduating this year-Bradley Brown who is graduating from Vanguard University and Jonathan Brown who is graduating from Calvary Chapel High School class of 2020.

From: Laura in Oxnard
To: Trevor
Requesting: Mozart
My grandson Trevor who graduated 2020 from Biola University.

From: Rita
To: Henry Bunt in honor of his graduation
Requesting: Little Fugue in G minor by Bach
My grandson plays in a youth symphony orchestra and this is his favorite piece.

From: Gloria in Anaheim
To: Ashley and Charles
Requesting: Romeo and Juliet Overture by Tchaikovsky
My two grandchildren, Ashley and Charles Schlaepfer, graduated from medical school in May 2020. Ashley graduated from U. of Miami Medical School in Miami. She will continue on to a residency in radiology, which is her Dad’s specialty. Her brother, Charles, graduated from the University of Washington Medical School in St. Louis. He is headed to Iowa to train to be a Urologist, just as his grandfather, my husband! It’s been a long eight years after high school for these two young people. I and the entire family are very proud of their achievements.

From: Emma in Garden Grove, California
To: Sarah McGarvin Intermediate School orchestra and to Mrs. Bissell
Requesting: Legends of Glory by Kathryn Griesinger
This song gives me memories of playing it in my intermediate school orchestra.

From: Karsen in Santa Clara, CA
To: All the seniors of the Santa Clara High School drumline
Requesting: Any piece from God of War 4 or Uncharted 4
This is dedicated to the seniors that are a par of the Santa Clara High School drumline, thank you for making my junior year memorable, good luck in college! I would love to hear this piece because it would remind me of all the times we would talk about video games on long bus rides during our marching band season.

From: Jovita in South Gate
To: Samuel
Requesting: Pomp Circumstance by Sir Edward Elgar
Today, my Son, Samuel Chan graduates from South East High School. During the time I drove him, his sister Bianca, and cousin Jim, to school every morning, I would put you on and they enjoyed the music.

From: Mark in Upland, CA
To: Helen
Requesting: Oboe Concerto in A Minor by Ralph Vaughan Williams
Helen was one of two featured soloists at the Colburn graduation this spring, and this was the solo piece she performed. Helen will be attending New England Conservatory and Tufts University in Boston this fall.

From: Rev. Kitty Lum in Santa Rosa, CATo: Teagan Lynch, My NieceRequesting: Appalachian Spring by Aaron CopelandI want to celebrate and congratulate Teagan’s 5th grade class graduation from Meyer’s Park Traditional School, Charlotte, NC! They did an inspiring virtual graduation program, which included Teagan singing with her classmates in the Honors Chorus! They are an outstanding model of resilience, and how we face a virus, but we are STRONGER than a virus!
From: Jen in San Carlos, CATo: AidanRequesting: Premier Solo by Eugène BourdeauMy son, Aidan, has enjoyed music since he was little and now plays the bassoon. He’s graduating from 8th grade this year. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing all these dedications.
From: Richard Boyle in San Francisco CATo: 2020 class of the City College of SF Dept. of NursingRequesting: Bells of Ste. Genenvieve by Marain MaraisIt makes people happy. We need more happiness in our lives especially in these difficult times.
From: Gia Maramba & Daniel Shanfield in San Jose, CATo: Sabina and EthanRequesting: Soundtrack or any piece from the movie “Up” by Michael GiacchinoOur 9-year-old twins will be graduating from 3rd grade on Wednesday. Just like the movie, we waited a long time for them. They have made sheltering in place extended family time.
From: Jessie Dauterman in Sebastopol, Ca.To: Sebastopol’s Analy High School Class of 2020Requesting: The Dharma at Big Sur by John AdamsHeard Tracy Silverman’s dazzling performance at SR Symphony two years ago and it was full of vibrancy and sense of place. Seems a fitting tribute to our home town teens who have endured so much in the past four years! To peace and perseverance!
From: Oscar in San FranciscoTo: Oscar Barajas Class of 2020Requesting: Jurassic Park by John Williams
From: Nancy Omaque in OaklandTo: for my 2 daughters Nia Fionamae (8th grade) and Venicia Ann Omaque (5th grade)Requesting: Swan Lake Symphony 6 by Tchaikovskythis is both their first Swan lake ballet they have ever seen at the San Francisco ballet. Both did Ballet when they were 2-8years old. I love my 2 darlings. Their Dad would have been so proud.
From: Heather Herron-Libson in Brooklyn, NY and Santa Rosa, CATo: Tazman LibsonRequesting: Symphonie Fantastique by BerliozSymphonie Fantastique is Tazman’s favorite piece of classical music. He is graduating from Stuyvesant High School (in NYC) this month. His graduation ceremony at Carnegie Hall was cancelled. He is headed off to college in Scotland in the fall. We are so proud of him!
From: Jose Rodriguez in San Leandro, CaliforniaTo: KarlaRequesting: Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune by Claude DebussyI would like to dedicate a song to my girlfriend who finished her bachelors at UC Berkeley. It is a piece with so many dimensions. Mystery, beauty, curiosity, and melancholy — to say a few. All of which will also form part of the new journey of any graduate. In these times it is important to keep romanticizing life and remember all of its beauty. I believe Debussy does a fantastic at capturing this.
From: Vien in San Carlos, CATo: JasmineRequesting: Viola Sonata Eb Major by BrahmsThis was the piece that she did the graduate recital for and it introduced me to the sweet sound of viola.
From: Regina Bianucci Rus in NovatoTo: Annie RusRequesting: American in Paris by George GershwinWe traveled to Paris 4 years ago to celebrate her brother’s college graduation, and we wish we could be there now celebrating her high school graduation. Annie deserves a trip but it will have to wait!
From: David (a teacher there) in San JoseTo: San Jose Conservation Corps Charter School gradsRequesting: Symphony No. 9, “From the New World” by Antonin DvorakDvorak wrote this piece as a visitor to America; English was not his first language, which is true for some of my students. Dvorak celebrated his Czech heritage in much of his music, as I hope my students will celebrate their own heritages within this, our country of immigrants. Upon its debut, ‘New World’ was quickly considered a triumph, as are my students’ new diplomas-earned through hard work and challenging moments as they recovered their credits, bit by bit. We’re really proud of them.
From: Julia Hatfield in San Francisco CalifoniaTo: Lick Wilmerding Class of 2020Requesting: Ride of the valkyries by WagnerThere’s nothing more uplifting than the ride of the valkyries and we will be having a drive trough graduation so riding !!
From: Michelle Henry in Danville CATo: Eloise HenryRequesting: Sleeping Beauty overture by TchaikovskyPlease play this piece in honor of Eloise Henry, Head Royce Class of 2020. She loved Sleeping Beauty as a little girl and would dance every time she heard this music. She eventually became a ballerina and danced in this ballet. She’s heading off to the University of Chicago this fall and we couldn’t be prouder of the grace she has shown throughout life, and the beauty she shares will us all every time she dances. This song will forever sing to our entire family because of her! Love, Mom, Dad, Madeleine and Gigi the cat.
From: Karina in Santa ClaraTo: Gabino ValerianoRequesting: The story continues by Patrick doyleJust wanted to let him know that I’m proud of his hard work and that I love him 🙂
From: Skyler H. Rivera in CATo: Gehena RiveraRequesting: Pachelbel canon by PachelbelShe’s graduating, she’s gone through a rough time (not just bc of COVID-19) and she’s a beautiful girl with a beautiful future ahead of her, music calms her.
From: Diane Carr in San FranciscoTo: Justin Mc BrideRequesting: Star Wars by John WilliamsJustin is my grand nephew. He has listened to classical music since he was a boy. He likes Mozart but he loves the music of John Williams and recognizes when it comes on the radio. He has been a Star Wars fan and remains one to this day. Another Star Wars follower!
From: Marlen Pedneault in San JoseTo: Gabriela Pedneault – University of San DiegoRequesting: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by TchaikovskyWhen she was young she loved the Nutcracker and danced ballet for a few years. Had lots of fun dancing with this piece at home!
From: Sharolyn Fullmer in ValenciaTo: Ian ZwerlingRequesting: Chamber of Secrets by John WilliamsWe’ve watched the movie together at the Hollywood Bowl and he has read all the books more than once. He’s an amazingly brilliant and clever grandson!
From: Patti and Valerie Davis in San Clemente, CaliforniaTo: Andrea DavisRequesting: The Journey to the Grey Havens from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King by Howard ShoreAndrea, congratulations on your graduation from Cal State Fullerton with honors. We are so proud of you! There, and back again. The journey doesn’t end here – it’s only just begun! Love from mom, dad, Valerie, Lotte, and Ziggy!
From: Alexander Moy in Torrance, CATo: Timothy MoyRequesting: Pavane for a Dead Princess by RavelCongratulations to Timothy who graduated with his Bachelors of Music in Horn Performance from Cal State Fullerton and will continue for his Masters in Horn Performance in Boston University.
From: Michael Mejia in Garden Grove, CaliforniaTo: Daniel PradoRequesting: Duel of the Fates by John WilliamsMy son was always a big classical and starwars fan and i think it would be really nice for him to get to listen to it for his graduation from UCI this year.
From: Elizabeth Goldbeck in Agoura HillsTo: Kyle GoldbeckRequesting: Raindrop Prelude Op. 28 by ChopinThis is for our son, Kyle Goldbeck, graduating this year from Boston University. He is almost self-taught and whenever he plays this piece on our piano, it melts my heart. We are very proud of him and his accomplishments.
From: Kate Burke in Los Angeles, CATo: Helen & Jay CunninghamRequesting: Indaco by Ludovico EinaudiMay their futures be as beautiful as this song.
From: Aracely Lopez in Riverside CATo: Andrew LopezRequesting: 1812 Overture by TchaikovskyYou ere part of Andrews senior year as it was always played during our morning drive to school. Our favorite was always the great composer quiz. Tchaikovsky easily became of favorite all time composer.
From: Gloria Cangahuala in Claremont, CATo: Sebastian CangahualaRequesting: Jupiter from The Planets by Gustav HolstThis was one of the earliest pieces that Sebastian played after joining Claremont Youth Symphony Orchestra’s trumpet section when he was still in elementary school. Ever since then he has always loved this piece! He just graduated from Claremont High School and will be attending Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio in the fall.
From: Jacqui Malouf (Mother) in Monrovia, CATo: Georgia McCauleyRequesting: Magic Sunrise at Hogwarts by John WilliamsGeorgia graduated this week from the 8th Grade from Waverly Middle School in Pasadena on June 8th. She is a dedicated student and athlete who loves, reading and film. She loves the HP movies, she also loves Star Wars and Marvel, so anything from those works too. She is a social justice warrior and plays basketball and is on Olympic development track for soccer. She is a talented poet and writer too. This piece is comforting and speaks to the dawning of a new day. We love “G” and support her and her generation as they reach toward hope each sunrise. Thank you for all the Beauty you bring to our lives and for pointing our faces sunward.
From: Kevin & Adrianne Corcoran in Santa Clarita, CATo: Cora LermaRequesting: “Les Toreadors” from Carmen Suite No. 1 by Georges BizetThis is dedicated of our youngest sister Cora Lerma who will graduate from high school (Santa Clarita Valley International Charter) on Fri Jun 5th. She plans to attend Grand Canyon University in the fall. She is the first in the family to attend a 4 year university. This reminds us of her mom (Rosina) who was always upbeat about life but who passed away 2 years ago and was not able to see her reach this milestone.
From: Matt in Escondid0, CATo: Jonah ChaffinRequesting: Symphony #8 by BeethovenMy incredibly talented son Jonah is graduating “magna cum laude” from UC Riverside with a degree in music, and will pursue a graduate degree in music composition at University of Redlands this fall. I love his musical creations, and look forward to hearing his works on the radio in the near future. Until then, I’d like to dedicate one of his favorite pieces by our favorite composer, Beethoven, to him – Symphony #8. I’m so proud of you Jonah!!
From: Aunt Janell and Uncle Kenton in Los Angeles, CATo: Zachariah Xavier SutterRequesting: Dr. Who theme by BBC National Orchestra of Wales (closing credits of The Christmas Invasion) by Murray GoldZack’s missing out on graduation due to shelter in place. He’s a smart and compassionate young person and we’re disappointed he’s missing out on graduating with his peers. As this piece has meaning for he and us, we hope it will brighten his day.
From: Victoria Lynch-Knight in Los Angeles, CATo: Alex MBA StanfordRequesting: Die Moldau by SmetanaAlex, you always loved this beautiful piece, which traces a river from its birth as a tiny spring, as it grows into a clear stream and then blossoms into a strong, spectacular river. Like you, Alex. Happy Graduation! We are SO proud of you!
From: Helen Farson in Ventura, CATo: Madeleine LocherRequesting: Pastoral Symphony (#6) by BeethovenI had the good fortune of teaching Madeleine (and her sister Rebecca) piano lessons starting from the ages of 6 and 4. Part of our lesson time involved listening to music. Madeleine was always studious and sought to understand the programmatic elements of each movement of this work, quietly listening while Rebecca danced her way through each movement, physically evoking the emotions of the piece. In this way, the two sisters perfectly complemented each other’s understanding of the various dimensions of the musical works we discussed. All of us who know and love Madeleine wish her every good thing as she continues her studies at Dartmouth in the fall.
From: Diana Kelley in Oceanside, CATo: Claire Morgan KelleyRequesting: Claire de lune by DebussyClaire is a graduating Senior from Oceanside High School in North County San Diego. She is set to graduate an honors student. She is a loving, compassionate person and a wonderful daughter. A true light in this world and in her family’s hearts. She has volunteered for her community, worked very hard and excelled all through her years of schooling. She is set to attend UCSD is the fall.
From: Sara Albert in Santa Ana, CaliforniaTo: My daughter, CosetteRequesting: Slavonic Dance No. 2 in E minor Op. 72 by Antonin DvorakShe enjoys listening to the calming beauty of this piece and as a graduating musician herself I want her to know how proud we are of her and that her efforts did not go unnoticed.
From: Abigail O. in Chatsworth, CATo: KatherineRequesting: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring by Johann Sebastian BachMy sister Katherine is a middle school teacher, and she has been tirelessly working to make sure her graduating 8th graders feel special, loved, and celebrated. I chose this song for her because she demonstrates this irrepressible joy in her teaching.
From: Isabel Beveridge in Santa Barbara, CaliforniaTo: Nathan BeveridgeRequesting: Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 by Ludwig van BeethovenI chose this piece because it reminds me of my grandma who lives very far away. She plays piano and this is a very good memory of her.
From: Jonathan Zhang in Los Angeles, CATo: Christina SunRequesting: Piano Concerto No. 1 by TchaikovskyMy friend Christina just graduated in a virtual ceremony from Temple University School of Medicine. Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1 is her favorite classical piece.
From: Marina Manvelyan in CATo: Mikaela AvakianRequesting: Piano Concerto No. 2 by RachmaninoffThis piece is indicative of recovery through hard times, as it followed Rahcmaninoff’s first classical debut as he recovered from depression (the piece is dedicated to one of the physicians that helped him in his recovery). The class of 2020 has certainly had to endure many periods of growth and tough times—this piece is a tribute to that and the beauty of what lies ahead
From: John Van den Akker in Hermosa BeachTo: Ellie WeissenbergRequesting: Piano Sonta #2 by Ludwig BeethovenI am trying to learn this sonata. It is extra long and I have the time to practice. It is stately, majestic, and powerful.
From: Evelyn Mendoza in Los Angeles CATo: Camila MendozaRequesting: Für Elise by BeethovenShe a Classical fanatic.
From: Eli in San Francisco, CATo: NicholasRequesting: Vexations by Eric SatieMy family and I listen to you via our Google Home every morning with breakfast here in San Francisco =) I’d like to make a request for a 2020 grad in my family — my younger brother Nicholas in Pasadena. He just graduated high school as part of the 2020 class. I think the whole family would agree “Vexations” by Satie is the piece that best fits him. However, if that’d take up too much air time and you can’t swing it we’d instead request “Short Ride in a Fast Machine” by John Adams for Nick!”
From: Br. Shahé Mankerian in Pasadena, CATo: To the 8th grade graduating class of St. Gregory Alfred & Marguerite Hovsepian School in Pasadena.Requesting: Gayaneh: Lezghinka by Aram KhachaturianAs the Principal of the St. Gregory Hovsepian School, I have chosen this piece for two reasons. First, it is a piece by Aram Khachaturian, the most recognizable Armenian composer of the 20th century. Second, it is piece that was played during the finale of our graduation ceremonies. It is a bittersweet reminder of our Armenian heritage and the traditions of our graduation ceremonies.
From: María in Los AngelesTo: My dear Goddaughter Analia GuerreroRequesting: Huapango by José Pablo MoncayoA beautiful and happy melody to celebrate my Goddaughter’s High School Graduation and all the 2020 graduates. Congratulations to all!!! 😀
From: Marco Beall in Warsaw, OhioTo: Aiden LiciagoRequesting: The Firebird by Igor StravinskyLike a phoenix rising from the ashes being reborn again, graduates finish a huge chapter of their lives and move on to bigger and better things. The Firebird is a piece that reminds me of you, loud and dramatic while still delivering tenderness. We both didn’t have a chance to graduate for different reasons, but I understand how heartbreaking it can be. I hope listening to this piece inspires you as you continue on your life journey.
From: Scott Dodge in Santa AnaTo: The Godinez Fundamental High School Class of 2020Requesting: Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, Prelude by Johann Sebastian BachI’m a teacher at GFHS and want to wish all our graduates a truly heartfelt congratulations and good luck in all they do in their future endeavors! #ThinkGodinez
From: Rhonda & John McKinnon in Upland, CaliforniaTo: To Our “Starlet” Alana McKinnon, 2020 Upland High GraduateRequesting: Mars, Bringer of War from “The Planets” by Gustav HolstIf the end of her senior year can’t be as epic as this piece,…then her send-off can be… with MARS!
From: Gretchen Alkema in Long Beach, CaliforniaTo: Finnegan Gallagher, San Clemente High School Class of 2020Requesting: Symphony #7 in A Major, Op. 92 by Ludwig Van BeethovenDear Finn, Beethoven called Symphony #7 as his “most excellent symphony.” Therefore it is a fitting tribute to honor your high school graduation. You are an amazing young man who has humbly triumphed through the joys and challenges of life. I am delighted to know you since Day 1, and look forward to your excellent future! Love, Auntie Gretch
From: Marilene Wang in Los Angeles, CATo: WayAnne WatsonRequesting: Viola Sonata by Rebecca ClarkMy daughter WayAnne is graduating from medical school at the top of her class. She plays the violin and viola and we want to celebrate a rare composition by a 20th-century female composer.
From: Niyah in Simi Valley, CATo: The entire class of 2020Requesting: The Light She Brings by Joep BevingAs a 2020 graduate myself, listening to Joep Beving’s music helped me get through the most stressful times. I would like to share one of my favorite pieces of his for the rest of the class of 2020. We did it!
From: Chris and Teresa Enerson in Mission Viejo. CATo: Owen ZeiglerRequesting: The rite of spring by Igor StravinskyWe chose it to honor his graduation from High School. This is his favorite peace. He will be majoring in music next year in college.
From: Janelle in Los Angeles, CATo: Elle BronnerRequesting: E.T. Main Theme by John WilliamsThe E.T. Main Theme was one of the first compositions Elle identified while listening to you as a toddler. She is now graduating from her preschool in Santa Monica, Circle of Children, and we couldn’t be more proud of her and her classmates.
From: AJ in CamarilloTo: My son TJRequesting: Moonlight Sonata by BeethovenTJ would be a 2020 graduate but for a tragic accident that took his life too early two years ago.
From: Conrad
To: Olivia and Fernando
Requesting:The Royal Philharmonic version of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge over Troubled Water
If you have time today would you please play this Royal Philharmonic version of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge over Troubled Water”?  (The last minute or so of it gave me chills-so incredibly uplifting!) I would like to dedicate it to my niece Olivia and her boyfriend Fernando who graduated from Gold Rush Charter High School last night. I chose “Bridge Over Troubled Water” because it was what we sang at my graduation from Frankford High School in Philadelphia in 1971. Some music is just so very timeless in its beauty and inspiration.

From: Mary
To: Paradise High School Class of 2020
Requesting: Beethoven’s 9th
I would like to make a request dedicated to the Paradise High School class of 2020. Last movement of Beethoven’s 9th,  please if that fits in. From Mary, Paradise High School, class of 1967.

From: Krysia
To: Monika
Requesting: ‘Lark Ascending’ by Vaughan Williams
I am enjoying your morning show as I take an early morning walk in Griffith Park. I would love to honor my daughter in law, Monika Wegener, who just graduated from UCLA with an MBA.   Please play ‘Lark Ascending’ by Vaughan Williams.

From: Zaydee and Marsha 
To: Jacob
Requesting: Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks 
Jacob finished his degree in Graphic Arts. Please play George Fredrick Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks 💥 To get him off to a spectacular start in his new career.

From: “Dr. Bob” Filep
To: William
Requesting: The Main Theme from Star Trek: First Contact by Jerry Goldsmith
A native son of Southern California will be “virtualizing”with cap and gown in hand from Northwestern (Quarter system) on the 19th. William W. “Safe at Home” in Rancho Palos Verdes has enjoyed playing the piano and taking lessons since elementary school.He will become a “diplomate” of the Cooperative Engineering Education program & also be recognized as the CEE Student of the Year.

From: Nicholas
To: Eli in San Francisco
Requesting: “Vexations” by Satie or “Short Ride in a Fast Machine” by John Adams
I’d like to make a request for a 2020 grad in my family, my younger brother Nicholas. he’s graduating high school (just did actually) as part of the class of 2020. He lives in Pasadena and honestly if I’d make a request for him it’d be “Vexations” by Satie but I think that’d take up too much air time =P Instead, if you’ve not the time for that one, can we request “Short Ride in a Fast Machine” by John Adams for Nicholas?

From: Daniel Senderowicz 
To: Benji Senderowicz
Requesting: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Dukas) or The Sailor Dance from The Red Poppy (Gliere)
My son Benji Senderowicz just got his MBA from UC San Diego. He likes The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Dukas) or The Sailor Dance from The Red Poppy (Gliere).

From: LeannTo: Anja EricksonRequesting: Rodeo by CoplandPlease play Copland’s Rodeo in dedication of our daughter Anja Erickson who will graduate from high school (Veritas Scholars Academy) this week. She plans to attend Abilene Christian University Honors College in the fall and will bring her horse Valentine with her.
From: Josephine in Los AngelesTo: EnzoRequesting: The Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean by Klaus BadeltMy grandson Enzo Navarro graduating and there is no ceremony, he plays the violin and has a new piece from Pirates of Caribbean.
From: Cindy W. in Palo Alto, CATo: All 2020 graduatesRequesting: Overture to The Magic Flute by W.A. MozartThe graduation ceremony is a time to celebrate your achievements and look forward to a new chapter in your life. I played this piece in my high school orchestra, and I have listened to you since elementary school. It’s been 25 years since I graduated from college. I am sorry the 2020 graduates do not get to celebrate in person, and this is my dedication to them.
From: Rebecca & Dan Lillis (parents) in Auburn, CATo: Anne Lillis, Placer High School in AuburnRequesting: Neville’s Waltz by Patrick DoyleThis piece, from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, has a fun, celebratory feel to it and the HP novels instilled a love of reading very early on for Anne, whose next chapter in life will include studying English with an emphasis in Creative Writing.
From: Robert Staton in Oroville, CATo: Madelin StatonRequesting: A Little Night Music by MozartI introduced Madelin to classical music through this piece when she was 4 yrs old. We use to dance to it in our living room. She has been a Classical Music fan ever since
From: Bruce and Helen Nelson in St Helena, CATo: Hannah Ghiringhelli and Matthew Lewis, Vintage High School, Napa. Both Honor GraduatesRequesting: Hedwig’s Theme by John WilliamsHannah’s favorite
From: Aunt Jen and Uncle Brian in Mountain View, CATo: Micaela HaggenjosRequesting: Finale, Symphony in D Major, Op 24 by Jan Václav VoříšekCongratulations to Micaela on her J.D., May 16, 2020! To celebrate, we’re dedicating this Finale written by a little known composer who also was a lawyer. We’re thinking of you and wishing you the best. May your legal skills be of great benefit to the world.
From: Kira Dixon in San Jose, CATo: My graduating seniors at Christopher High SchoolRequesting: Earth Song by Frank TicheliOur Chamber Choir learned this piece for a choir festival and immediately fell in love with it. The words are particularly powerful in today’s current climate. The class chose to make a virtual choir of this piece for our online graduation ceremony. I hope that the students always turn to music to help them get through this difficult time.
From: Robert Crowder in Marina del Rey, CATo: Kristin CrowderRequesting: Gabriel’s Oboe by Ennio MorriconeKristin is / will be a 2020 graduate of SUNY Binghamton. She worked very hard and did extremely well, taking inspiration from classical music while immersed in her studies. This was one of her favorite pieces to study to.
From: Ricardo and Patricia Liberman in Moraga, CATo: Our granddaughter Elena Roth graduating from Miramonte High School in Orinda, California on 5/29/2020Requesting: Nessun dorma by Luciano Pavarotti from Turandot by PucciniWhat a great accomplishment during this challenging times!! Congratulations, we are so proud of you
From: Maristela Murga in Huntington Beach, CATo: I am dedicating this beautiful music for our graduating class of 2o2o of Carden Conservatory Elementary and Junior High. I am so proud of Brandon, Shaadi, Shaheen, Jasmine, Athan, Arielle and Allison. My hats off to you!20Requesting: Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1 in D by Sir Edward ElgarI always play the Pomp and Circumstance on the piano during our graduation ceremony for twenty years.
From: Erika Hill in Orange, CATo: Piper Lee HillRequesting: The Crossing by Ola GjeiloThis is for my daughter, Piper, who graduated from college in May 2020. Her passionate commitment to her studies and work are always an inspiration to me. We discovered Ola Gjeilo through you, and this piece seems to speak beautifully of the “crossing” she is making into a new chapter in life.
From: GLORIA BRAM in Garden Grove, CATo: Ethan Gordon BramRequesting: Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Paul DukasThe movie ‘Fantasia’ was my first introduction to visualizing classical music.I took my sons, but never was able to take my grandson, Ethan. This piece always reminded me of him.
From: Dawn Dwyer in Long Beach, CATo: Michael MiyoshiRequesting: Romance (classical guitar) by AnonymousMy nephew, Michael, used to play it on the classical guitar, when he was a student of mine (maybe he still plays it). He is graduating from Oxford Academy high school, Cypress, California. He is a good person and deserves every happiness the world has to offer.
From: Dwora Fried in Los Angeles, CATo: Anissa Agrama graduated cum laude AUP (american university of Paris)Requesting: Va Pensiero (Chorus of Hebrew Slaves) by VerdiWe love Opera and Anissa used to sing in the choir in elementary school.
From: Greg Krikorian in Palos Verdes, CATo: My son, MaximilianRequesting: Clarinet concerto in A major by MozartIt was playing the morning he was born in Santa Monica as I looked out at the sunrise and he slept for the first time in his mother’s arms at the hospital. He and I have spoken of that moment every time we hear the piece.
From: Diana Kunce and Jim Frohna in LA, CATo: Sofia FrohnaRequesting: Knoxville: Summer of 1915 by Samuel BarberSofia is a singer and composer graduating from Brown University. Samuel Barber was introduced to Sofia by the remarkable LA composer and mentor Ian Krouse, through whose guidance she became an LA Phil Young Composer Fellow. Also, congrats to Sofia for receiving one of Brown Music Department’s esteemed awards for a graduating senior.
From: Mary Housel in Santa Maria, CATo: Chris HouselRequesting: Hungarian Rhapsody 6 by ListzListz is one of Chris’s favorite composers. The Rhapsody is passionate, yet complex, and vivacious. All qualities of importance for new graduates. Congrats to my son on his Int’l Relations degree.
From: Joe and Nancy Rosner in Los Angeles, CATo: Our son Jack RosnerRequesting: Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, Prelude by BachJack is in his last month of medical residency. We are so proud of his accomplishments and his perseverance. He made it through! Congratulations, Jack! We love you!
From: Nancy and Joseph Rosner in Los Angeles, CATo: Our son Jack RosnerRequesting: Etienne et Petunia by Edgar MeyerJack is just finishing his residency in anesthesiology. I wanted an upbeat piece of music to celebrate his tremendous accomplishment. We are so proud of him!
From: Bridget, Charley, & Liam in Pasadena, CATo: Maddox ChannRequesting: Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D major by Johann Sebastian Bach
From: Elise George in Riverside, CATo: Getty J. George, VRequesting: The Raiders March from Indiana Jones by John WilliamsOur graduate Getty plays the trumpet and has been part of marching band during his 4 years of high school. Williams is one of his favorite composers and Raiders is one of his favorite movies. It seems a fitting piece for a dedication as he charges off to college to pursue his next big adventure!
From: Dan Crowther in San Dimas, CATo: Elizabeth CrowtherRequesting: Rhapsody in Blue by GershwinOur daughter graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Micro- Cellular Biology and a minor in dance. We are super proud and every time I hear this song, it reminds me of her.
From: Bianca Kuo in Upland, CATo: TiffanyRequesting: Liebestraum No. 3 by Franz LisztMy daughter is graduating from high school this year. I think she will love hearing this piece from her favorite composer. Congratulations, Tiffany.
From: Virginia O’Neil in Ventura CATo: Chelsea Portugal Sacramento College class of 2020Requesting: Anything from Swan Lake by TchaikovskyHer Mom is a ballet teacher. This Music is part of her life
From: Laura J. Seed in San Diego, CATo: Nikole Seed Chetty; Graduating from UC Irvine, School of Engineering, double major in Biomedical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering. Such a shame there is no graduation ceremony, nor reception for all of your hard work, dedication, as well as your peers & faculty. Requesting: 4 Horn Concertos by MozartAbsolutely beautiful music, rarely hear all 4 concertos. French horn is an amazing instrument.
From: Gloria Batista in Corona, CATo: Javier BatistaRequesting: Swan lake Act II No.10 by Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyIt’s my sons favorite musical piece and I figured he’d love it.
From: GrammyGlory Lopez-Hicks in Riverside, CATo: Joshua MonteleoneRequesting: The Entertainer by ScotT JoplinI proudly dedicate this piece to my youngest grandson graduating Encore High School for Performing Arts-Riv,CA & on his way to Otterbein University-College of Musical Theatre-Ohio and surely to stardom! He has been developing his talent as ‘entertainer’ since early age in school & Community Theatre, dancing, singing, acting, playing several instruments & composing songs. Ragtime matches his personality perfectly.
From: GrammyGlory Lopez-Hicks in Riverside, CATo: Isabella HicksRequesting: Danzon No.2 played by Gustavo Dudamel with the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela by Arturo MarquezI proudly dedicate this piece to my first granddaughter to graduate college with a Bachelor in Fine Arts-Film Production, Acting & Directing from Chapman University-Dodge College of Film, SoCal. She is beautiful and passionate about using her talent to advance her Anglo-Hispanic culture. So this DANZON fusing Cuban&Mexican musical souls matches her perfectly as she begins her career.
From: Marie Velde in Santa Monica, CATo: My son Olivier who is graduating from Santa Monica High School.Requesting: Jupiter by Gustav HolstOlivier wants to study Europa, one of Jupiter’s Galilean moons as an engineer. He’s loved Holst’s Planets since a child and we had tickets for a concert at Disney Hall but it was cancelled due to Covid 19.
From: Rich in Yorba Linda, CATo: BethRequesting: Blue Shades by Frank Ticheli
From: Marc Karlin in Glendale, CATo: Julia KarlinRequesting: Spring by VavaldiJulia is graduating from Oakwood School in North Hollywood and headed to Brandeis in the fall. Perfect piece for this time of year and full of inspiration.
From: Denae Valladolid in Vista, CATo: Alyssa HermstadRequesting: Clair de Lune by DebussyThis piece is a long time favorite of hers. Aside from being a 2020 graduate, graduating from Mission Vista High School and will be attending UCSD in the fall, today is her 18th birthday and I wanted to do something special for her
From: Alexis ceja in Inglewood CATo: Kimberly CejaRequesting: Under the Sea by Alan MenkenIt’s my sister favorites song from the little mermaid and she just graduated to become a preschool teacher.
From: Dwight in Riverside CATo: Collette Lee, Gene Moon and all the Great Folks at the Riverside Arts AcademyRequesting: Nessun Dorma by PucciniPlease play the “Grammys” version (introduced by Sting) by Aretha Franklin. The back story is so inspiring for kids whose vision of classical music may be limited.
From: Andrew Keshmiri in Moorpark, CATo: Nikki BehjatRequesting: Rhapsody In Blue by George GershwinMy cousin graduating high school and will be on her way (virtually) to art school in New York. I think this piece is fun and playful, just like animation is.
From: Kelly and Ted Frankiewicz in Huntington Beach, CATo: 2020 High School granddaughters Charlotte and AveryRequesting: Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman by Joan TowerCharlotte and Avery are truly Uncommon Women. They have each been accepted to the colleges of their choices: University of Redlands, CA and Baylor, Waco, TX respectively to study Marine Biology and Pre-Med..
From: sadie and david sacks in Los Alamitos, CATo: Evan Scott Bookbinder, our grandson, graduating Harriton High School, Rosemont, PARequesting: Ninth Symphony in E Minor by DvorakThis is Evan’s favorite classical music piece
From: Sharon Sheffield in Long Beach, CATo: Erika WileyRequesting: Piano Concerto #5, The Egyptian by Camille Saint-SaensMy goddaughter Erika graduates college this month. She is an aspiring archaeologist/Egyptologist, and I thought she would enjoy “The Egyptian” concerto. I’m so proud of you, Erika!
From: This music is devoted and dedicated to Ryan Fargo who is graduating from San Diego State University. in Oceanside, CATo: Ryan FargoRequesting: Pomp & Circumstance by Edward ElgarThis music is devoted and dedicated to Ryan Fargo who is graduating from San Diego State University.
From: Randy Carrasco in Whittier, CA To: Georgette CarrascoRequesting: Four Seasons (Winter) by Antonio VivaldiI chose Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (Winter) because it will surely bring my wife,l Georgette, peace after the rigorous work she had to undergo to graduate.
From: Greg Bouras in Laguna Niguel, CATo: Genesis LongRequesting: Flight of the Bumble Bee by Nikolai Rimsky-KorsakovShe’s always been a busy bee when it comes to school work and her over 4.0 gpa every year of high school shows it
From: Ken Collier in Santa Barbara, CATo: Rebecca FlemingRequesting: Archduke Trio by BeethovenIt was one of my father’s favorites, and she is my granddaughter. He died before she was born, so I wanted to send a little bit of him to her on her receiving her Associates degree.
From: Dr J William Stinde in San Marino, CATo: John Patrick Stinde — Troy HSRequesting: Academic Festival Overture by Johannes BrahmsPatrick missed all the fun things from being a senior in high school pram, graduation ceremony, grad night. He should have an Academic Festival
From: David Pendleton in La Habra, CATo: 2020 High School graduate David II at La Habra HSRequesting: Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, Prélude by BachThis is his favorite classical piece, especially the performance by Yo-Yo Ma. And graduating in this time of uncertainty, it is nice to be sent on his way with the sure and certain beauty of this composition.
From: Katrina Soto in Dana Point, CATo: Benjamin HopkinRequesting: Imperial March by John WilliamsBen is my grandson who is finishing preschool this year. I baby sit him twice a week. We often engage in light saber battles and also do other Star Wars play. This is our theme song.
From: Sofia in Culver City, CATo: My cousin DanielaRequesting: Rey’s Theme by John WilliamsMy cousin reminds me a lot of Rey from Star Wars because she’s really dedicated, an incredible person and she is always trying her best to do the right thing. She’s graduating from UCLA this year and I’m really proud of all her hard work!!
From: Matthew Trivison in San Pedro, CATo: Autumn TrivisonRequesting: Vocalise op. 34 no. 14 by Sergei RachmaninoffThe first time we heard it together I realized there was more to my little girl than I thought. You surprise me everyday. You’re going to do great in college. Congratulations!
From: Amy Greenstein Baynash in Dallas, TexasTo: Avishai Yaakov BaynashRequesting: Pomp and Circumstance by Edward ElgarWe were looking forward to seeing our eldest son graduate from Brandeis University as a Philosophy major. We are so proud of him in every way. He overcame many challenges along the way and we are praying that he will continue to go from strength to strength as he enters Law School.
From: Miki Bethke in Irvine, CATo: Miki BethkeRequesting: Danzon No 2 by John MackeyWe were going to play Danzon No2 for my end of year performance, but we never got the chance because of coronavirus.
From: Ewa Mikucinska in Santa Monica, CATo: My daughter Natalia JesmanRequesting: Piano concerto in E minor, Op. 11 by Fryderyk ChopinMy daughter is in 8th Grade 2020 at Westside Waldorf School. She love classical music and she is playing violin. For her 8th Grade project she wrote a piece call “Opus 1”. I am Polish and this is part of my soul, blood, landscape. And her too. She love a lot of composers (almost all of them), but by heart this is part of me, of her heritage. I believe playing violin and listening classical music safe her life now.
From: ShoshanahRequesting: Through the Darkness by Helen Jane LongI wanted to send a special request to all those graduates who may not even have family or friends to send you a request or to congratulate them on this important milestone in their lives especially during these unprecedented times we are living in. There is a British composer and pianist, Helen Jane Long, that I feel will encourage them and lift their spirits to know with all their hear that they will rise above what may feel like very trying times. May each of these special individuals one remember that it is through our struggles that our biggest strengths and opportunities arise! Congratulations and Mazal Tov to all those 2020 graduates! May you not only feel, but see the light through the darkness!
From: Miriam in Los Gatos, CATo: Mia Watson Fong and the Senior Class of Pacific Collegiate School in Santa CruzRequesting: Venus by Gustav HolstVenus, the bringer of peace, is needed now more than ever in this unprecedented time. I hope that Holst’s beautifully eerie and calming, Venus, brings each Class of 2020 graduate some serenity. We’re here with you!
From: Nic in San Jose, CATo: AliaRequesting: Harry’s Wondrous World by John WilliamsCongratulations, MSW Graduate! we are all so proud of you
From: Marla Daniels in Campbell, CATo: Evelyn DanielsRequesting: Rhapsody in Blue by George GershwinEvelyn is my daughter, she loves Rhapsody in Blue. She is graduating from high school June 2, she has worked very hard and overcome many obstacles and we want her to know how proud we are of her.
From: Pat and Mary Collins in Fresno, CATo: Emma Lorraine ZamoraRequesting: Serenade for Strings in C by TchaikovskyThis lovely serenade is for our granddaughter, Emma, who will be graduating with honors from the University of California Davis in June. We are so proud of you!
From: Wendi Glaser in Benicia, CATo: Ashlyn Glaser, graduate at St. Patrick-St. Vincent HighRequesting: Pachelbel’s Canon by Johann PachelbelThis was our wedding song, and it is so joyful, much like our beautiful daughter. She brings us all so much light, love and kindness.
From: Katharina Woodman in Sunnyvale, CATo: Waldorf School of the Peninsula Class of 2020!Requesting: Pomp and Circumstance by Edgar ElgarMembers of this class have played this piece for many a graduation ceremony at our school, so I thought it to be fitting for your own! It was a privilege to have been taking photos of you over all these years and thus getting to know you! Thank you for being such wonderful subjects.
From: Mary Collins in Fresno, CATo: Emma Lorraine ZamoraRequesting: Serenade for Strings in C by TchaikovskyOur granddaughter, Emma, is graduating with honors from the University of California at Davis. Our entire family congratulates her on her accomplishments and wishes her all the best.
From: Grandpa Frank Davis in Halifax, NSTo: Sam PurdyRequesting: Toccata (Sym #5) by Charles-Marie WidorSam will graduate from Westmount Charter School, Calgary, Canada.
From: Mom and her two older brothers – we love you and are so proud of you! in Menlo Park, CATo: MarinaRequesting: Piano Concerto #2 by RachmaninoffShe is missed her graduation on Sunday and this is her favorite piece of music. She has been listening to Hoyt and Dianne since she was in pre-school.
From: Marc Jacobs in Berkeley, CATo: Danny Jacobs, my son who just graduated from New York Medical College with a doctorate in physical therapyRequesting: Prelude Opus 23, #2 by RachmaninoffHe likes Rachmaninoff and it turns out that he is buried nearby the New York Medical College campus in Vallhalla, NY
From: Molly in Ross, CATo: The 2020 graduating class at Bowdoin CollegeRequesting: The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba by HandelThis piece is filled with JOY. I get tears every time! We played it at our wedding. We both graduated from Bowdoin. Our daughter graduated in 2018 from Bowdoin and our hearts are with the graduating class of 2020. May this time bring new beginnings and flights of hope and possibility to all of us.
From: Marilyn Cohen his grandmother in San Jose, CATo: Jacob BrickmanRequesting: Prelude and Fugue number 1 in C major by BachJacob just graduated from the Berklee School of music in Boston with a Bachelor of Music, Film Scoring
From: Nicolet & John Sullins in Cotati, CATo: BeatrixRequesting: When You Wish Upon A Star by The London Symphony OrchestraBeatrix is a 2020 High School Graduate at Analy High School in Sebastopol, California. She aspires to become an animator and loves all things Disney, especially, Pinocchio. She loves the song “When You Wish Upon A Star” and we feel it is an appropriate song and message for her graduation time! Dreams do come true!
From: Don Jackson in Hillsboro, ORTo: All GraduatesRequesting:Gustav MahlerThis piece celebrates coming to a new life.
From: Marcia Roberts in Santa Rosa, CATo: Alyssa Killian, honor graduate of Analy High this year.Requesting: Carmina Burana by Carl OrffIt’s exciting with many voices and rhythms, speaking to many ages and times.
From: Johanna and Peter Brown in Saltspring Island, British Columbia, CanadaTo: Skyler PhillipsRequesting: Libertango by Astor PiazzollaMy nephew Skyler is graduating from Bishop O’Dowd High School in the Bay Area. He is a delightful, talented young man overall, and an accomplished guitarist. I think he will love to hear this piece. We are so proud of him and send all our love from Canada!
From: Miss Miller in San Jose, CATo: Willow Glen High School Class of 2020Requesting: Imperial March (from Star Wars) by John WilliamsWhen I graduated from Stevenson College at UC Santa Cruz, I was one of two students in charge of the processional and recessional music. Our opening song for the processional was the Imperial March.
From: Lincoln Peters in Santa Clara, CATo: Dr. Samara SorusRequesting: Superman Main Title Theme by John WilliamsMy niece has just graduated with honors from Boston Medical College, and will be starting her residency in a time when we need doctors more than ever.
From: Phyllis Tonna in Daly City, CATo: MannyRequesting: The Bare Necessities by Terry GilkysonMy son will be graduating from San Jose State University with a BA in Child and Adolescent Development. Congratulations, your family is very proud of you! (The jungle book is one of his favorite movies!)
From: Henry Hung in San FranciscoTo: Asawa School of the Arts Band Program (Class of 2020)Requesting: Enigma Variations Var. 9 (Enigma) by ElgarWe were preparing a wind ensemble arrangement of selections from Enigma Variations, including Var. 9 (Nimrod) for what would have been their Spring concert last weekend.
From: Beverly R. Huang in Palo Alto, CATo: Anthony PanRequesting: A Gaelic Blessing: Meditation by John RutterAnthony is my oldest child who will be graduating from high school this month. When he was born 18 years ago, the world was grieving the loss from 9-11. When he is ready to celebrate this major milestone of high school graduation, the world is in lockdown confinement due to COVID-19. As parents, we feel his frustration and disappointment. However, we also want to let him know that COVID-19 makes us realize how blessed we are to have what we have today and to have each other. We all will be ok and life will continue. Congratulations to the turning of a new page of your life, Anthony. We love you, mom and dad.
From: Kevin and Emilie O’Malley in Rockport, MaineTo: Zoe Brumbaugh and her classmates at Santa Rosa High SchoolRequesting: Hoe-Down by Aaron CoplandFor a bunch of courageous, fun-loving kids at Santa Rosa High School and their families… we all like a hoe-down!
From: William Mandel in Valley Village, CATo: Los Angeles Zoo Docent Class of 2020, Los Angeles Zoo Student Volunteer Class of 2020, North Hollywood High School Zoo Magnet Class of 2020Requesting: Symphony No. 6 in F major by Ludwig von BeethovenThe three classes which take classes at the Los Angeles Zoo in biological science were never able to have a graduation ceremony even though they worked incredibly hard over 23 and 12 weeks respectively. In the case of the Docent and Student Volunteer class, who would have started as volunteers at the Zoo upon graduation but they, like the rest of us have to stay at home. As an instructor in all three classes (I teach Aves – birds), I just want them to know how much I and the other docents at the Zoo appreciate their hard work and dedication.
From: Dan Goldzband in San Diego CATo: All SDSU gradsRequesting: 2nd Symphony, final movement by SibeliusThe ending coda has always impressed me as a musical representation of enduring strength and resilience. Let me wish those characteristics on all graduating Aztecs and their fellow students everywhere.
From: Elisabeth O Clark in Los Angeles, CATo: Maya Klapper, graduate from Tulane UniversityRequesting: Entrance of the Guests in Tannhauser, Act Two by Richard WagnerThis march/entrance is every bit as grand as Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance. When I was a junior in high school in Mississippi, I played it over and over, perhaps 30-40 times, as the seniors marched in. I have loved it ever since and want to dedicate it to Maya Klapper who graduated yesterday, May 16th, from Tulane, also my alma mater, or rather Newcomb College of Tulane University. Thank you.
From: Paul Perez in Riverside, CATo: Graduates of Rubidoux High School, Riverside City College, San Diego State University, La Sierra University, North-West College RiversideRequesting: New World Symphony No. 9 in E Minor by DvorakIn Dvorak’s New World symphony, he inspires the essence of beginning, new discoveries, commencing, and moving forward. The class of 2020 is now taking on this “new world.”
From: Durward Brandis in Goleta, CATo: Eighth Grade, Twelfth Grade and College graduatesRequesting: Magnificent Seven Theme, Ride of the Valkyries, Dances with Wolves Themes by Bernstein, Wagner, BarryAs a life-long educator since the mid-sixties, I have taught every level, K-12, plus post-grad, so I have a sense of what every student has accomplished this year, and I consider every student one of my students. As an administrator, I greeted my students to campus every morning with music of various genres, so I have a sense of what resonates. To the 8th graders, I would like to dedicate Bernstein’s Magnificent Seven Theme, to the 12th graders, Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries, and to the college grads, John Barry’s Dances With Wolves Themes. Nice work, Ladies and Gentlemen.
From: Luis Enrique Jimenez Jr. in Los Angeles, CaliforniaTo: Mikinzi PigmanRequesting: Symphony #5, Movement 4 by TchaikovskyClass of 2020! I wish you nothing but success. May this phase of your life be full of liberty, happiness, and love. Never back down! Sincerely, An old friend.
From: Em A. in Murrieta, CATo: Marcos BritschRequesting: Saturday Night Waltz, from Rodeo by Aaron CoplandHe has achieved so much over the past four years of high school and is at the top of his graduating class. I’ve chosen this piece to honor my old friend because along with being a conscientious, kind, and often humorous person, he has never seemed to lose his sense of wonder, as reflected by this piece. This piece is for you: may your skies always be open, and your eyes always turned upwards to them.
From: Basha Yonis in Lakewood, CATo: Kenny TorresRequesting: Chariots of Fire by VangelisDedicated to my favorite marathoner graduating in 2020
From: Leslie and Rachel Rottman in Santa Monica, CATo: Noelle Mc CutchenRequesting: A feather on the breath of God—Emma Kirkby (soprano), Gothic Voices by Saint Hildegard of BingenNoelle is the feather. Her voice and her heart speak for many, as she graduates from the USC School of Social Work. This piece captures the grounded, transportive, and ethereal quality of Noelle. Brava!!
From: Sandy Pratt in Menifee, CATo: Meghan PrattRequesting: Romanian Folk Dances (for violin solo) by Bela BartokOur granddaughter Meghan is a graduating high school senior at Lewis and Clark high school in Spokane, WA. “Romanian Folk Dances” (for violin solo) by Bela Bartok, is her favorite classical piece. Music has been a huge part of her life, from junior high and high school orchestras to many years of music lessons, culminating in the privilege to play the Bartok piece at MusicFest last year in Spokane. We are very proud of her!
From: Sebastian Valero in Fontana, CARequesting: Love’s Sorrow/Liebesleid by KreislerPersonally I love this piece and I think it conveys sorrow of love between us all during the pandemic
From: Janet in Los Angeles, CATo: Dr. Annabel BeichmanRequesting: The Carnival of the Animals – movement VII Aquarium by Saint SaensAnnabel just finished her PhD in Biology at UCLA where she studied the population genetics of otters and whales. Best wishes for continued success!
From: Scott Alumbaugh in Davis, CATo: Kazu IkemotoRequesting: The Firebird (Complete Original Version) by Igor StravinskyKazu has loved this entire piece since he learned and played the finale (Kastchei’s Spell Is Broken) on violin in seventh grade orchestra. He’s entering the UC Santa Cruz music program this fall, where we hope his love of music will continue to grow.
From: Jacqualine in Claremont, CATo: AndrewRequesting: Baba Yetu by Christopher TinMy high school senior at has enjoyed playing strategy games in his free time while listening to you. This is the theme song to Civilization IV, one of his favorite games.
From: Martha Thomas in Montebello, CATo: Our daughter, Laura CetiliaRequesting: Cello Suite # 1, prelude by Yo Yo Ma by BachLaura is receiving her Master’s Degree in Composition from Wesleyan University this month and this is a piece she and we have loved listening to through the years of her own musical journey as an accomplished cellist. Congratulations, Laurie! Mom and dad
From: Mario in Los Angeles (Glassell Park)To: Class of 2020Requesting: Night Ride and Sunrise, Op 55 – (1/2) by Jean Sibelius
From: Mark Hollingsworth in Los Angeles, CATo: Grace HollingsworthRequesting: Theme to Victory at Sea by Richard RogersMy father watched this show as a child, when it was originally aired. My niece will be matriculating from the University of Iowa at a turbulent time and I believe she will be alright. This theme song illustrates this progression.
From: Ari and Omar in Culver City, CaliforniaTo: Alec MatteoRequesting: 1812 Overture by TchaikovskyThis is one of Alec’s favorite pieces, which he has loved to hear and watch play each summer at the Hollywood Bowl. Alec is moving up to Middle School and we are so proud of his perseverance and love for learning. This piece represents his kindness, love of music, amazing rhythm, humor and energy. I am sure he will love hearing his name being called since his culmination ceremony may not be happening because of the pandemic.
From: Laurie Perry in Van Nuys, CATo: Ben CappelluzzoRequesting: Cat Duet (Duetto buffo di due gatti) by RossiniI volunteer with a pet rescue group here in Los Angeles, and we are very used to high school students who need a few volunteer hours to fulfill a graduation requirement–they volunteer for an adoption event, I sign their form, and we never see them again. Three years ago, when Ben Cappelluzzo volunteered for an adoption event, I figured he would come once, I would sign his paperwork, and that would be that. Instead, for three years Ben has given up Saturday afternoons to help set up tables and crates, cuddle kittens (and seeing that high school football quarterback get all mushy over kittens has been a delight), and patiently listen to an enormous amount of unsolicited advice from a bunch of cat rescuers. We haven’t been able to have an adoption event since the beginning of March, his Van Nuys High School graduation ceremony has been canceled and he is not sure what’s happening to his fall college plans. What else but Rossini’s Cat Duet…with love from the Rescue Train cat crew.
From: Ari and Omar in Culver City, CaliforniaTo: Sofia IsabellaRequesting: Theme for Downton Abbey by John LunnThis is one of Sofia’s favorite pieces and series. She is a big fan, which has become an important part of her online schooling during the pandemic. As she transitions into high school, we want to dedicate this piece to her because it represents her love for music, stories, history, and good humor. We are very proud of her!
From: Jennifer Lawlor in Poway, CATo: Saoirse (pronounced Seer-sha) Lawlor and the 5th Grade Class of Sundance ElementaryRequesting: The Planets: IV Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity by Gustav HolstThis piece is so many things – wonder, strength, triumph, hope – so much of what is vital right now. I just want my daughter and her class to remember their strength and to feel this way, now and always.
From: James Parris in La CrescentaTo: Emma Casilio ParrisRequesting: Pomp and Circumstance March No.1 by Sir Edward ElgarI’m so proud of my eldest child graduating from UCLA with a baccalaureate in English and a minor in Environmental Studies… and I’ll never grow tired of Sir Edward Elgar dominating the airwaves.
From: Anna Guerrero in Chino, CATo: Jacqueline Ann GuerreroRequesting: The Nutcraker by Pyotr LLyich TchaikovskyMy daughter oldest of two Jacqueline Guerrero will be graduating from Cal Poly Pomona as a Finance Major. Her graduation would have been this coming Saturday May 16, 2020. She currently works as an Accountant Tech in the City of Chino. I am very proud of Jacqueline because she is determine to complete any goal she sets her mind to. She is a very hard working young lady has a big heart and loves Christmas. The reason I chose The Nutcraker for her is because Christmas if her favorite holiday. She started the tradition in our family to go see the Nutcraker every year as a start to the Christmas season. Jacqueline is a very giving person she would do anything to help anyone in need. I am so so proud of her. Working almost full time and going to school and always finds time to help anyone in need. I am really proud of my daughter and all of her accomplishments. We love her so very, very much. Thank You! for doing this for the 2020 graduates. It is so awesome.
From: Johnoscar in New York, NYTo: To all Juilliard and Curtis students graduating this 2020Requesting: Beethoven Symphony no.3 by Ludwig Van BeethovenI love this symphony is exciting it’s like Life the melodies and rhythm is amazing. I choose to dedicate this piece to them because after graduation they will face real life challenges in performing.
From: Jacki Brown in Orange, CATo: Joshua BrownRequesting: Academic Festival Overture by J. BrahmsMy son, Joshua, is graduating from USF but, due to the COVID19 restrictions, there is no fanfare for his achievement. Brahms’s piece will provide a symbolic triumph for this milestone.
From: Brian McClure in Tustin, CaliforniaTo: Keira McClureRequesting: Ride of the Valkyries by WagnerThe past few months have been difficult for everyone. I chose this piece as a triumphant salute for all the graduates, but especially my amazing daughter Keira, who have worked so hard to accomplish their goals but now must celebrate alone instead of with their peers.
From: Lisa R. Luberoff in Camarillo CaliforniaTo: Sean RohtlaRequesting: Ave Maria by Andrea BocelliSean, my future son-in-law, virtually graduated 05/08/20 from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law with a JD degree. Please let this beautiful rendition of Ave Maria inspire for Sean a lifetime of all good things. Congratulations!!!
From: John BergstromTo: Samantha 2020 grad at St. MargaretsRequesting: Spring from the Four Seasons by Vivaldi
From: Sandy PrattTo: MeghanRequesting: Romanian Folk Dances by Bela BartokMy granddaughter Meghan is a graduating high school senior in Spokane, WA. Please play “Romanian Folk Dances” (for violin solo) by Bela Bartok, her favorite classical piece. Music has been a huge part of her life, from junior high and high school orchestras, to many years of music lessons, culminating in the privilege to play this piece at MusicFest last year in Spokane. We are very proud of her!
From: Maria Alamin in Camarillo, CA To: TommyRequesting: by Congratulations Tommy. Dad and I are so proud of all your hard work over the last four years and so excited for you as you start the next chapter of your life.
From: His mom and dad, bubbe and zaide, and his siblings, Ezra, Hillel, and Leora, and gingi-dog in To: Avishai YaakovI would like to announce the graduation of our dear son Avishai Yaakov from Brandeis University, graduating with a degree in Philosophy, and moving on to Law School. We are so proud of his accomplishments!
From: Wes Beverlin in Los AngelesTo: AlexandraRequesting: Canon in D by PachelbelAs a long time fan of your early morning classical music broadcast, I would like to honor my beautiful daughter Alexandra Beverlin, who is graduating this year from the University of Southern California. While it is a difficult time to be graduating from college, we know our daughter will be successful as she has always been. Her mother and I are very proud of her.
From: Michael in Los AngelesTo: Nia and EvanRequesting: Hallelujah Junction 1st movement by John AdamsFor my dear friends, Nia and Evan. Two lovely, wonderful people. Congrats on finishing college!
From: Ana Gonzalez-Lane aka as “Tia” (aunt in Spanish) in San Francisco, CA To: Jared Amaya Requesting: Theme from Star Wars by John Williams Jared is the last of our family graduating from Town School for Boys. There has been a boy from our family attending Town School for the last 36 consecutive years. Jared is capping this legacy by being a sterling leader and with academic excellence .We are so proud of Jared’s achievements
From: Ann in Irvine, CA To: Jenna Requesting: Symphony No. 9 in E minor, “From the New World”, Op. 95, B. 178 (New World Symphony) by Antonín Dvořák My daughter, Jenna, is graduating from Cal State Fullerton during a tough time for all students. I am proud of all she has done and would like to dedicate the New World Symphony to her and her fellow graduates as they navigate the waters of the new world after graduation. Jenna has always been creative with her writing, playing the violin, and her art. This Symphony by Dvořák is one of her favorites and I would like you to play it for my girl.
From: Judy An in Chino Hills, CA To: My daughter Jasmine Kim Requesting: Grande Valse Brillante op 18 by Fredric Chopin My daughter, an avid classical music listener and a cello player, is graduating from college this year. Her commencement ceremony has been postponed to October but I want to congratulate her along with all other class of 2020 with this cheerful piano music by Chopin! Congratulations!
From: Althea Waites-Hayes in Long Beach, CA To: Ronin Del Castillo Requesting: Symphony #5, Op.100 by prokofiev I chose this piece because Ronin studied with me and has performed one of the composer’s well-known Sonatas ( the 7th ). He loved the energy and rhythmic complexity of Prokofiev’s music and I would like to dedicate this great work to him…he is one of the most gifted students I have taught in many years.
From: Laura Levin in Vallejo, CA To: Elli and Sarina Levin Requesting: Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter by John Williams Our girls naturally loved the HP books and movies. It was always so special when an HP or Lord of the Rings song played. 🙂 We are so proud as Elli earns her MFA and Sarina her BA!
From: Susan McCabe in Santa Monica, CA To: Zoe Berger Requesting: Trios Gymnopedie by Erik Satie This work shows the careful breath between movements one makes—and may you find cadences in the silence between sounds, as you have. Congratulations.
From: Iona Rankin in Northridge, CA To: Joseph M. Rankin Requesting: The Lark Ascending (played by Iona Brown with the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields) by Ralph Vaughan Williams This piece is the reason my name is Iona, and it has become a favorite of my husband’s for that reason. I’m so proud of him for “ascending” from Cal State Northridge with his degree in Mechanical Engineering!
From: Diana Landis in Newport Beach, CA To: Jamie Anne Gallo, Sr/ Westridge School for Girls; headed to USC Requesting: Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin In honor of the joy that Jamie brings to others upon her graduation.
From: Adrian Land (Dad) in San Carlos, CA To: Andrew Land, Graduating from Carlmont High, Belmont CA Requesting: The Lark Ascending by Ralph Vaughan Williams The Lark is beautiful, uplifting, joyous, free, hopeful! Perfect for a graduate ready to spread his wings and soar.
From: Walter Desmond in San Diego, CA To: Our grandson, Eamon Poole-Harris Requesting: In Native Worth and Honor Clad. (aria from the Creation) by Haydn It describes a new man emerging from a world of preparation!! (I have enjoyed singing it)
From: Aunt Janet & Uncle Matt Proudfoot in Coto de Caza, CA To: Jennings Gardner, BA in Voice Performance 2020 Shorter University, Rome GA Requesting: Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis by Ralph Vaughan This is my nephew Jenn’s favorite piece. He finished his BA in vocal performance at Shorter University in Rome GA where he received a 90% scholarship for his talent that became better every year. We are grateful to Shorter for developing this young man and we look forward to his continued practice, study, and development.
From: Mohit Katyal in Berkeley, CA To: Elizabeth Neoman Requesting: The Planets Op. 32 4. Jupiter, the Bringer of Jolity by Gustav Holts She LOVES this movement. She listens to it whenever she wants to feel uplifted. Elizabeth has been so sad about graduation cancelling, that hearing this is one of the ways she’s been cheering up.
From: Lisa P. in Diamond Bar, CA To: Adela (“Adeela”) Requesting: Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso by Saint-Saëns My friend Adela and I both share a love for the anime series Your Lie in April which features many classical pieces. I thought it would make a nice gift to dedicate this piece from the series to Adela in celebration of her graduation from college this month!
From: Tracy Berry in Mission Viejo, CA To: Our son Shawn Berry Requesting: Variations on a Rococo Theme by Tchaikovsky Such a proud moment watching him perform this piece with the Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra. He has come so far since that time. Now he is a 2020 Music Performance Graduate of the Bob Cole Conservatory at CSULB. We are sooo proud of you!! CONGRATULATIONS!! We love you and can’t wait to see where your musical journey takes you!
From: Jeanette Karthaus in San Carlos, CA To: Mylène Vachon Requesting: Bolero by Maurice Ravel As a young girl Mylène was often shy, quiet, timid. We’ve had the pleasure and privilege of watching her grow into a confident, grounded and super dynamic young lady. Keep reaching kiddo! We believe in you, always! (We chose Bolero as it starts quiet and increases/builds)
From: Sylvia Castañeda in West Covina, CA To: Anais Martinez-Castañeda Requesting: Danzon No. 2 by Arturo Marquez This piece embodies a fusion of musical influences which reflect our daughter’s life experience. It’s also a metaphor for life’s journey in these uncertain times: quiet, seductive, dreamy, suspenseful, moody, insistent, syncopated, and hopeful. We are so proud of the compassionate human being Anais has become and the arduous work she has done academically. Soon she’ll begin a new journey at Scripps College. Much gratitude to the teachers at South Hills H.S..
From: Joan Uhlig in Hayward, CA To: Nicholas Uhlig Requesting: Horn Concerto No. 2 by Richard Strauss My son Nick is a graduating senior at UC Santa Cruz. He is a Music Major who plays the horn. Strauss’ Concerto No.2 is his favorite horn piece. I am so proud of him and his accomplishments! I’ve enjoyed going to his many performances at UCSC. Shout out to the music program at UCSC and the Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, and New Music musicians! His career goal is to be a composer. I can’t wait for the day I hear his composition!
From: Herbert in Santa Maria, CA To: Angel Aguilar Requesting: West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein Gustavo Dudamel – simon bolivar youth orchestra of Venezuela This is for my brother Angel, from Venezuela and he likes West Side Story
From: William C. Purdy, Ph.D. in Santa Monica, CA To: New Roads School (Santa Monica) Class of 2020 Requesting: Simple Gifts by Aaron Copland I’m their International Relations teacher this year and they’re the best, bravest, most fun bunch of seniors around, that’s why! Also, I played the solo on the euphonium at the start of this piece back when I was a senior in high school in 1993! So play it please and the Bernstein recording, please, please, please! Go New Roads Class of 2020!
From: Rebecca Klatch in El Cerrito, CA To: Maurice Klatch Requesting: Nocturne in B Major, op. 9, No. 3 by Frederic Chopin In celebration of Maurice Klatch earning his B.A. in Psychology at SFSU.
From: Cynthia in Garden Grove CA To: Eric Resong Requesting: Pomp and Circumstance March #1 by Edward Elgar It is the traditional graduation song and I will miss seeing my son walking into the auditorium while it plays.
From: Kate Nelson in Valencia, CA To: Ethan Nelson Requesting: “Raiders of the Lost Ark” theme by John Williams You played this as an off-to-school request when Ethan was a freshman and he was sitting in my classroom (his father and I are both teachers at Ethan’s high school, Notre Dame High School). Now he’s graduating and will be a music performance major at Cal Poly SLO in the fall, playing French horn! This is still his favorite!
From: Jacki Brown in Orange, CA To: Joshua Brown Requesting: Academic Festival Overture by J. Brahms My son, Joshua, is graduating from USF but, due to the COVID19 restrictions, there is no fanfare for his achievement. Brahms’s piece will provide a symbolic triumph for this milestone.
From: John and Wynne Dobyns in Cupertino, CA To: All of graduates who live in De Anza Oaks, in Cupertino Requesting: This may be unusual, but I live in Planned Community [De Anza Oaks] of 204 townhouses in Cupertino than has a large number of graduates. We are trying to find a way to congratulate them and this might be one way. Thanks John Dobyns
From: David Pingitore, PHD in Oakland, CA To: Nicholas Pingitore Requesting: An American in Paris by george gershwin Our son began his love of international travel with a visit to Paris. He is a musician (guitar and bass) with a genuine appreciation of Gershwin’s music.
From: Ingrid Desilvestre in Mountain View, CA To: Elizabeth Desilvestre Requesting: Flute Concerto #2 by Mozart Elizabeth, who is graduating on June 7 from Beverly High School in Massachusetts, plays several instruments but her favorite is the flute. Mozart’s concerto is one of the premier flute showpieces.
From: Margaret Johnson in Walnut Creek, CA To: My daughter Megan who is graduating from the University of Utah. Requesting: Symphony No. 6 “Pathetique” by Tchaikovsky This was one of my favorites pieces to study to in college and I’m glad you feel the same. We are very proud of you and know that you will go far!
From: Randi Gubala in Laguna a Niguel, CA To: Christina Gubala Requesting: Suite Bergamasque-Menuet by Claude Debussy This is my daughter’s favorite piece of Classical Music!
From: Marshall A. Rutter in Pasadena, CA To: Gillian Card, Duke, ’20 Requesting: Lux Aurumque by Eric Whitacre Gillian just loves Eric and she will love hearing this piece dedicated to her.
From: Terri Shirhall in Roseville, CA To: Matt Shirhall Requesting: Cello Suite No.1 in G Major by Bach (J.S.) I wasn’t sure that either of my kids shared my love of classical music. But after several years away at school, at the University of Kansas, my son Matt surprised me by telling me about his classical music playlist. He’s graduating this week. I’m proud of my son, and thank you for this extra way to celebrate! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
From: Susan in Granada Hills, CA To: Evan Requesting: In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg Evan is graduating fifth grade and moving onto middle school. He has enjoyed this piece since he was a toddler. We are so proud of him, and hope such music will carry him through the highs and lows of middle school.
From: Irene Quist in Whittier, CA To: Jacob Fernandes Requesting: Cello Suite No 1 in G major by Bach Jacob is a high school senior who has been playing the cello since 6th grade. During his early years we had asked him to learn this piece, His reply was”oh, that’s the hard one.” He since has become an excellent cellist and has mastered this piece beautifully! Due to the pandemic he will not be able to perform in his last concerts before graduation. This would be a lovely tribute to my grandson! Thank you for doing this for all the young graduates
From: Allison Aldrich in Los Altos, CA To: Jackson Aldrich and the whole class of Menlo School seniors Requesting: Four Seasons – Spring by Vivaldi My father always liked this piece and so has my husband, so it is now special to our family. The shelter-in-place started in California in the spring, and the spring events are what our seniors have missed. May this bring the joy of spring and all of the year’s seasons to all seniors.
From: Merrilee Gardner in Irvine, CA To: All the graduates from Irvine, CA, high school and college Requesting: Pomp and Circumstance by Elgar Subtitled “Land of Hope and Glory”- enough reason!
From: Lisa R. Luberoff in Camarillo, CA To: Sean Rohtla Requesting: Ave Maria by Andrea Bocelli Sean, my future son-in-law, virtually graduated 05/08/20 from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law with a JD degree. Please let this beautiful rendition of Ave Maria inspire for Sean a lifetime of all good things. Congratulations!!!
From: Susan Cheong in Aliso Viejo, CA To: Anabella Cheong Requesting: Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor by Beethoven Anabella played this piece when she was thirteen years old, she played well. Going to College as premed in the Fall, we know she will accomplish all she has set to do, but hope that she will always keep her music close to her heart.
From: Cathy Liu in Sunnyvale, CA To: Luke Chen Requesting: On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons Want to remind my son about importance of timely communication and investment in networking and building relationships
From: Mary Ellen Gruendyke in Riverside, CA To: Paige Sollecito Requesting: Pomp and Circumstance #1 by Sir Edward Elgar “Since the graduates will not be processing as is traditional why not read a group of names and play this for all of them.
Thank you for honoring my granddaughter.”
From: Connie Griffin in Anaheim To: Joshua Ginsberg Requesting: Vienna Brass Connection – Liberty Fanfare by John Williams “This talented young man is graduating USC on Friday with his Masters in Music.
His instrument of Choice is the Trumpet.
I choice this particular piece because of the Brass instrumentals and the how it celebrates both America’s and Josh’s perseverance and strength.
He is going to pursue writing music for the entertainment industry. I have no doubt he will achieve his goal. He is a very kind, respectively and endearing man. Thank you for offering to do these dedications for graduates this year.”
From: Susie Injijian in Berkeley, CA To: Alexander Panagos Requesting: Hungarian Rhapsody #2 by Franz Liszt To celebrate Alexander on the day of his graduation from the School of Dramatic Arts at USC! Congratulations, Alexander!!!
From: Julie Myers in West Hills, CA To: Nick Myers, MS, Engineering Management, Tseng College, CSUN Requesting: Back To The Future by John Williams This has been favorite music of my son since he was 5, and At My his Bachelors degree graduatIon from CalPoly, after the ceremony this music was played as people left. Now, six years later he has finished the MS, and this will still really thrill him even though he’ll be 30 soon.
From: Oceana Christopher in Long Beach, CA To: Jessica Bustos Requesting: Great Gate of Kiev by Mussorgsky This is for a dear fellow staff member of mine on the Orange Coast College newspaper, Jessica Bustos, she is the first member of her family to graduate from college and was very disappointed by the fact that she could not have a traditional commencement and invite extended family.
From: Cici Martinez in San Jose, CA To: Michael Martinez Requesting: The Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss Our son Michael, graduated from Loyola Marymount University. He started listening to classical music as a way to relax while studying. His favorite piece is the Blue Danube Waltz. We want to say “well done, we are so proud of you!”
From: Nastaran Simarasl in Chino Hills CA To: Cal Poly Pomona MBA Class of 2020 Requesting: Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel I dedicate this piece to my students in the MBA class of 2020 at Cal Poly Pomona. They worked hard to get to this point but did not have a graduation ceremony due to COVID-19. This is to celebrate their achievement.
From: Jeffrey in To: Simon Dollinger Requesting: Fanfare for the Common Man by Aaron Copeland Simon is graduating from the LA County High School for the Arts and will continue his acting studies at college in the fall. He’s often expressed a joy of playing common people placed in uncommon situations. I’m proud of his passion, talent and dedication. That’s why I wanted to dedicate this Fanfare for him.
From: Herb Brunkhorst in Riverside, CA To: Bradley James Grace Requesting: Ode to Joy by Beethoven Bradley saw the Seattle Symphony perform Beethoven’s 9th right after New Years. He has always enjoyed classical music since childhood
From: Robert Kolesnik in Upland, CA To: Jeffrey Earl Kolesnik Requesting: First Symphony, The Titan by Mahler This symphony is one of my son’s favorite pieces of classical music, and without a doubt, it is at the top of my list of classics. Listening to the triumphant finale still gives me chills!
From: Steve & Faith Schneider in San Francisco, CA To: Our daughter, Laura Schneider Requesting: The Sunken Cathedral by Claude Debussy One of Laura’s favorite composer is Debussy. She fell in love with this song when she learned about it while studying for the Royal Conservatory of Music’s History of Music exam.
From: Brian McClure in Tustin, CA To: Keira McClure Requesting: Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner The past few months have been difficult for everyone. I chose this piece as a triumphant salute for all the graduates, but especially my amazing daughter Keira, who have worked so hard to accomplish their goals but now must celebrate alone instead of with their peers.
From: Linda Tesi in Redondo Beach, CA To: My Grandson Cole, Redondo Beach Union High School Senior Class of 2020 Requesting: 5th Symphony by Beethoven Cole told me the first four notes of this symphony are the most recognized and thanks to hearing only classical music at our home, he is familiar with many pieces that are heard at school, background and movie themes!
From: John Lowe in Seal Beach, CA To: Roseanne Chao Requesting: Fantaisie Impromptu by Chopin I have loved this piece from the moment I heard it for the first time, played in an encore by Daniil Trifonov. But I didn’t know what it was! Roseanne is the one who told me. She has studied piano amid a myriad of activities and achievements at the University of Michigan.
From: Alecia Morgan in Felton, CA To: Tonya Morgan, my daughter Requesting: by Chopin My mother played the piano and my daughter heard her playing many pieces by Chopin, but I do not know the names. She is getting her four year degree after much very hard work (she is very disabled) with an “A” average all four years. She is over 50 and was legally blind in one eye and almost in the other until she discovered some surgeries a few years ago that fixed the bad eye so she could finally read after 40 years. I am so proud of her! She is amazing.
From: Kathy Binks in Manhattan Beach, CA To: Katrina Binks High School Class of 2020 Requesting: Cinema Paradiso by Ennio Morricone We showed the movie to our daughters (ages 17 and 19) for the first time on Mother’s Day. They loved it!
From: Suzanne barnes in Ventura, CA To: Olivia, my beautiful daughter Requesting: Summer by Vivaldi She has played been a part of an orchestra since she was 11 and music has been a huge part of her academic career. It uplifts her, makes her soul sing and inspires. She will continue with the orchestra in college and we are so excited to a part of this amazing persons life.
From: Shirlee Wallingford in Huntington Beach, CA To: My daughter, Allison Requesting: Air on a G String by J.S. Bach My daughter, Allison is graduating next week from John’s Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore. Since the shelter in place order, we have been blessed to have her staying with us in Huntington Beach. Allison plays the guitar and I play the flute. We have been working on an arrangement of the Air on a G String by Bach during our time together before she leaves for residency to join frontline workers at a hospital in Baltimore. This will always be our special song and a reminder of one of the hidden blessings of this quarantine time.
From: Lisa in To: Julianna Requesting: Four Seasons by Vivaldi I chose this because it is about all phases of life, and I want to mark this momentous new phase of my daughter’s life with lovely music. Like nature, music ensures despite challenges, paying no heed to circumstances, lifting our spirits. I hope as Julianna commences her new phase of life, she can persevere, drawing joy from her endeavors.
From: Olga Figueroa in Santa Ana, CA To: Adrian Brito Requesting: Jupiter by Gustav Holst I am dedicating Jupiter, to my son Adrian Brito. This is his favorite piece. Our son is graduating from 8th grade, leaving his beloved St. Jeannes after being there for since age 3, he is going to bigger things…Mater Dei High School. He is such a fun kid and this piece matches he personality, he just fills a room with laughter and happiness. He is our Jupiter, while we (the mama & papa) are little moons in the solar system. Congrats my happy-go-lucky kiddo and best wishes in this new chapter of your young and exciting life! Love mama & papa!!!
From: Tristan Arnold in San Francisco, CA To: Ruth Asawa School of the Arts Orchestra, class of 2020 Requesting: Global Warming by Michael Abels This piece expresses the vibrant sharing of ideas across the globe and the breaking down of barriers. It’s also the first piece that the class of 2020 performed as Freshman at Asawa SOTA in 2016. I grieve the lost performances that would have sent you off with appropriate fanfare, but I have hope that we’ll meet again as colleagues and share laugh about the crazy Spring semester of your senior year. To Kelly, Renata, Trent, Maya, Alex, Isabelle, Katie, Maddy, Sara, Helen and Virgyl: Congratulations and thank you for sharing the last four musical years with me and your classmates.
From: George Ronay in Los Angeles, CA To: EVERYONE!! Requesting: Pomp & Circumstance by Edward Elgar I almost think you should play this every hour on the hour – it’s such a traditional piece and so enjoyable… maybe play it low and read names of some of the graduates? You could e-mail them back and say “listen at 1:00 p.m. for YOUR name to be read on the air?” I have no idea of the logistics but it would be fun! My sons graduated in 2013 and 2017 so I’m one of the lucky ones…. so sad for the High School and College Seniors!
From: Carla J TePaske in Cameron, WI To: Atticus Roy TePaske Requesting: Knock the Cover off the Ball by Randy Newman Atticus is a 2020 graduate at Shield of Faith Academy. He has taken on the challenges COVID19 has brought at his work place and in life. He also has taken on the disappointments that COVID19 has brought to end his senior year, including no spring sports. We are proud of him! High Fives Atticus! He loves baseball, that is why we dedicate music from The Natural, also a favorite movie of his. We want to wish Atticus the best as he takes the next step on his journey.
From: Joanne D Devine in San Francisco, CA To: My Granddaughter Maggie, Class of 2020, West Portal Elementary, SF Requesting: Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin This is Maggie’s favorite piece of music. She is taking piano lessons and aspiring to play parts of Rhapsody in Blue for the family.
From: Dr. Anne-Marie Dicce in San Diego, CA To: Lily Baer Requesting: Le cygne (The Swan) by Camille Saint-Saëns Lily is a senior at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace in San Diego, CA and a cellist in my Instrumental Ensemble class. She has been working hard on this beautiful piece and I would like to dedicate a performance of this piece for her (any of Yo Yo Ma’s recordings are her favorite!). I will miss you, Lily, and wish you the very best in all of your musical endeavors!
From: Mr. Greg Ziomek (MrZ) in Pasadena, CA To: George Rounds (cello) and Vincent Sgherzi (1st violin/concertmaster) Requesting: The Moldau by Smetana My name is MrZ. I am the String Ensemble instructor at LaSalle High School in Pasadena. These are our two graduating seniors from our string ensemble. This piece of music was one of the first pieces I assigned this year that we eventually played at our Christmas Concert in December. It took some effort, but we accomplished the piece.
From: Suzanne Gibson in Torrance, CA To: Semaj Nash & David Gibson & Kelly Garcia Requesting: Grand March from “Aida” by Grand March from Aida “Semaj, a graduating Senior at West High School in Torrance. She is a bright, artistic young lady with a bright future ahead of her. She is an Amazing Artist!

David Gibson is my Son, also a graduating Senior at West High School. He will continue his education in Engineering locally and has aspirations going to CalTech and working at SpaceX or JPL in the future.

Kelly Garcia is David’s best friend. She moved to Milliken High School in Long Beach and is also Graduating this year. The 3 Amigos are looking forward to celebrating their commencements, even if they are remote and virtual!”
From: Miki Yoshimoto in Los Angeles, CA To: Kai Yoshimoto Lindsey Requesting: The Dumky by Dvorak Kai has been working on completing all the movements of the Dumky with his chamber trio group at the Colburn school since last September. He will greatly miss performing the piece with his fellow musicians.
From: Brenn Haydon in Auburn, CA To: My younger sister Kate Requesting: Corpse Bride: Main Theme by Danny Elfman This is the first score that spiked my sister’s love of classical music, and her main study soundtrack! I am so proud of her as she will be graduating from Placer High School as a valedictorian! May you continue to find more sounds to accompany your academic success!
From: Kate Green in Huntington Beach CA To: Sierra Green Requesting: Dance of the Goblins by Bazzini As Concertmaster and Valedictorian of Huntington Beach HS (out of 803 seniors) class of 2020, Sierra has studied and practiced her course material and violin endlessly, only to miss out on all the reward of second half senior year. She is looking forward to MIT in the fall. But meantime is missing out on not only prom, and graduation, but also the treasured senior recital and Concerto Competition. Dance of the Goblins has been her favorite since she saw Itzhak Perlman play the piece as an encore performance at Segerstrom Hall. Please play this piece in honor of all her hard work! I am so proud of her! Sincerely, her Mom, Kate Green
From: Diane Carr in San Francsico, CA To: Justin Mc Bride Requesting: Star Wars by John Williams And I have been taking him to hear the SF Symphony since he was 9 years old. Justin in my grand nephew. He and his Mom (my niece) live with me. His Mom introduced him to classical music when he was a baby. He likes Mozart but John Williams is his favorite.
From: C-Joe in Oakland, CA To: Daniel Requesting: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Paul Dukas Daniel has led the double life of a magician and a neurobiology student at the University of Pennsylvania. He traveled around the country to perform during breaks, and he ran the school club Penn Illusionist, where he introduced many to the wonders of card magic every Sunday. Congrats to Daniel and thanks for being my weekly island of sanity at Penn!
From: Andrew Seeley in Santa Paula, CA To: Thomas Aquinas College Class of 2020 Requesting: O God Beyond All Praising by Holst/Perry It is a celebration sing special to it community. “Congratulations! It has been a great four years. Now take on the world!
From: Sarah Smith in San Francisco, CA To: Harriet Stein-Smith Requesting: Symphony No 2 in D Major OP 43 (Finale) by Sibelius My daughter, Harriet, is graduating from high school. This particular movement (of Sibelius Symphony No. 2) starts with an optimistic melody, then suddenly changes course, like we all have had to do, then, after many twists and turns, emerges different but stronger. I know my daughter will do the same! Hang in there, Harriet!!
From: Bella in Merced, CA To: Angelica Celeste Requesting: Violin concerto in E major BWV 1042 by Johann Sebastian Bach To my sister, Angelica, in honor of her graduation from Thomas Aquinas College. Carpe veritatem!
From: Sylvia Donati in Corte Madera, CA To: My son, Raffa Requesting: Peer Gynt Suite No. 2, Solveig’s Song by Grieg Raffa has been surrounded by classical music since before he was born. At 18, he still appreciates and loves it (in addition to the typical music favored by a teenager). When I asked him what his favorite composer and piece of music was, he immediately said Grieg. After listening to this, I knew why. Raffa played the violin for many years (as did his grandfather – whose violin he inherited.). No longer part of his everyday life, the violin has a lyrical quality that lifts you off to another place (the clouds, the forest), and it reaches deep into your soul. And in these times, it moves him and all of us – wherever we are going.
From: Kim Vinson in Los Angeles, CA To: The USC Anthropology, Visual Anthropology, and Global Studies Graduates Requesting: Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copland Its a beautiful, innovative, reflective, moving suite. And, these student graduates are the same and more! Congratulations!
From: Judi Garcia in San Jose, CA To: San Jose State University Class of 2020 Requesting: The Planets by Holst I love this symphony, and think of new grads venturing away from college and home, and bravely discovering new worlds. I’m a Career Counselor at SJSU and wish all new grads the best!

Written by:
The Classical Team
The Classical Team
Published on 06.24.2020