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Classical Music and Its Powerful Effect on the Brain

Did you know music can have a positive effect on your brain? It can shape the way we think, act and even how we connect with others. Classical California host Brisa Siegel takes you on a journey into classical music and neuroscience with the team at USC’s Brain and Creativity Institute. Their groundbreaking research has shown music’s transformative impact on young minds working with the Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles. We hope you will embrace the magic of classical music and our mission for it to be accessible to all.

Want more info on how music affects the brain? Check out the panel discussion presented by Classical California KUSC and the USC Brain and Creativity Institute. This event is hosted by Gail Eichenthal and featuring some of the world’s leading researchers in this fast-changing field (including Professors Antonio Damasio, Beatriz Ilari, and Assal Habibi, as well as Vice Provost for the Arts Josh Kun), followed by a chamber music concert by students from the USC Thornton School of Music.


Written by:
The Classical Team
The Classical Team
Published on 09.06.2023