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The Story Behind LA Composer Dale Trumbore’s World Premiere

Composer Dale Trombore | Photo by Krysti Sabins

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The Story Behind LA Composer Dale Trumbore’s World Premiere
    Tomorrow, the Pasadena Symphony is performing the world premiere of music by Los Angeles composer Dale Trumbore. The piece, called Infinitely and Without Apology, gets its title from a poem by Grace Gorski, called A Fat Girl’s Guide to Loving Her Body. Trumbore tells me the title comes from these lines in the opening stanza of the poem:

Take up as much space as you can. Remember
your bones contain fragments
of galaxies, and if the universe can stretch 
infinitely and without apology, so can you.

DALE TRUMBORE: When I was looking for a title, I loved that line and chose it because I had already been thinking about how to write a piece that embraces a celebration of women’s contributions and does so in such a way that recognizes that every person’s experience is different. As a female composer, I sometimes resent the idea of having to represent, with one single piece of music, what it means to be a woman. (I actually had a commission once that was just that, where I had to write my own text: “Because I am a woman…”. I solved that by saying, “Because I am a woman, I am asked to define what that means. Because I am human, I can only define what it means to be me.”) It’s very important to recognize that everyone’s experience is different and yet I do think there are ways that women are socialized in what we encounter in the world through media, through what our parents or teachers teach us, or what we see in the world, to withdraw or be quiet or not be too over-the-top. That’s not a good thing. I wanted, in this piece, to explore what it means to have inner confidence and what it means to be resilient in the face of self-doubt—particularly, but not exclusively, as a woman. So, that’s where the motivation for this piece evolved from.

Infinitely and Without Apology, by Dale Trumbore, receives its world premiere by the Pasadena Symphony tomorrow with two performances: 2pm and 8pm at Ambassador Auditorium. To find out more, click here.


Written by:
Brian Lauritzen
Brian Lauritzen
Published on 10.01.2018