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How to Listen to Classical KUSC

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Listen to KUSC on air

You can listen to Classical KUSC all over Southern California on our various frequencies. Check out our coverage map. KUSC broadcasts on KUSC 91.5 FM Los Angeles, KDSC 91.1 FM Thousand Oaks, KDB 93.7 FM Santa Barbara, KESC 99.7 FM San Luis Obispo, and KPSC 88.5 FM Palm Springs.

Listen to KUSC on our website

Classical KUSC can be heard online by clicking on the Play button at the bottom of your screen and any page on this website. The player will continue to play the KUSC stream until you click the Stop button or you close the window. The player will also display the program title, the composer and the piece title currently being played. This information will update automatically.

Listen to KUSC on our new iOS and Android apps

The KUSC webstream is available on the KUSC iOS app, available here. This app requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone 4 and above, iPad 2 and above, and iPod Touch 5th gen and above. If you have been listening to KUSC on an iOS6 device, KUSC’s webstream will no longer be available through the KUSC iOS app.

Or, if you’re an Android user – KUSC is proud to present the new and improved Classical KUSC Android app, available for free from the Google Play Store. Click here for details.

Listen to KUSC on your Smart Speaker

If you own a smart speaker, then you’ve got a quick and easy way to listen to KUSC. Whether you own an Amazon Echo or Google Home, all it takes is a simple voice command to fill your home with music. With the Echo, just say “Alexa, play KUSC” and with Google Home, it’s “Hey Google, play KUSC”. It’s that simple. Listening to your favorite classical music on KUSC has never been easier.

KUSC is now available on Apple TV

Experience the joys of KUSC from your TV. Just click here to download the free KUSC Apple TV app!

Listen to KUSC from a direct address

To play in Sonos, Bose or any 3rd party streaming device

Listen to KUSC on other media players

If you prefer to use a player such as WinAmp, Real Player or Windows Media Player please copy and paste one of the following links:


Listen to KUSC on iHeartRadio

Listen to KUSC on iHeartRadio through your web browser, on your mobile device or tablet, in your car, and on connected devices including Xbox and GoogleTV. For details on iHeart Apps click here. For details on how to listen in your car, click here. To listen to KUSC on the iHeartRadio website, simply click on the button to the right.

Listen to KUSC on Apple Music

On your desktop or laptop, please visit This should automatically download a file. Find the file and open it with Apple Music. A stream should begin immediately.

Listen to KUSC on iTunes

Please note: the instructions below only apply to legacy versions of iTunes. If you are using Apple Music, please see the instructions above.

KUSC is available in iTunes. If you have recently upgraded to iTunes 12 and can no longer find internet radio stations, follow these steps: Under the iTunes menu bar, click on the radio tower as pictured below. If you do not see the tower, click on the three dots, choose “Edit” and put a check next to “Internet Radio.”

In the list of Streams, open “Classical” and click on “Classical KUSC.”

Listen to KUSC on an internet radio

Internet radios have become very popular over the past few years. These players use your home or office broadband connection to stream internet radio stations. Many of these players come with Classical KUSC as a pre-set. However, if you need to program KUSC into your internet radio, please use one of the following addresses:

Published on 09.01.2023