Kristy Edmunds has been the executive and artistic director for the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA since 2011. She brought with her to the university a view of the arts as a vital part of how societies create a sense of cultural memory. “Artists stretch the fence line of what’s familiar to us,” says Edmunds. They pull us from our daily lives and help us understand other people. 

At CAP UCLA, Edmunds doesn’t just pick the artists and performers who will take the Royce Hall stage, she also connects those artists with university resources to help both parties deepen their understanding of the world at large.

Here’s my conversation with Kristy Edmunds about the vibrancy of the arts in Los Angeles, highlights from this CAP UCLA season and why she’s been spending so much time in Philadelphia:


More information about the program Edmunds says she’ll looking forward to:
Akram Khan and Israel Galvan, Torobaka, March 18th & 19th

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