Congratulations are due to five mid-career artists producing experimental work. The 2017 Herb Alpert Award in the Arts, granted by the Santa Monica-based Herb Alpert Foundation in collaboration with the California Institute of the Arts have been announced. The winners are: theater director Daniel Fish, who’s productions address issues like violence and justice and bring audiences into contact with performers; choreographer luciana achugar, who describes her work as “a practice of growing a new body, an uncivilized body, a decolonized body, a utopian body”; artist Amy Franceschini, who helped found Futurefarmers, a collective that encourages people to reconsider their relationship with nature; composer Eve Beglarian, who frequently collaborates with poets, artists, filmmakers and members of rural communities; and video artist Kerry Tribe, the only LA-based artist in the bunch, whose films and installations explore concepts in science, perception and the mysteries of the mind.

This is the 23rd year the Alpert awards have been granted, and Irene Borger, who oversees the process, told the LA Times that given the current political climate, it felt especially important to recognize boundary-breaking work. She said “One of the things that has always been part of the Herb Alpert awards is an awareness of what has been going on in the world, but this time it felt more crucial. Everyone here is interested in making artistic communities, even if those communities only last as long as a performance.”

KUSC contributing reporter Sheila Tepper spoke with Herb Alpert and two of this year’s winners.

To listen to the interviews, press play on the players beneath each photo:

Amy Franceschini, 2017 winner for Visual Arts. Photos by Susie Goodman.



Eve Beglarian, 2017 winner for Music



Herb Alpert holding the list of 2017 winners




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