Hildur Guðnadóttir| Photo by Rune Kongsro

Note: this post was updated to reflect Hildur Guðnadottir’s Oscar win.

Here’s what you need to know about Hildur Guðnadottir: she’s from Iceland, she’s a cellist, she was a frequent collaborator with the late Johann Johannsson, she won an Emmy for her score for HBO’s Chernobyl and she transformed the character of Joker. She didn’t just score his transformation; her music altered Todd Phillips’ direction and Joaquin Phoenix’s performance. For her score, she won a Golden Globe and a Critics’ Choice Award and she just took home an Oscar.

Hildur Guðnadottir, the composer who scored the transformation of lonely Arthur Fleck into Joker, talked to Arts Alive contributor Tim Greiving.

Hit play below to listen to our extended Arts Alive feature.

Hildur Guðnadottir’s score for Joker won the Oscar for Best Original Score. You can listen to interviews with the other nominees here.

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