Lari Pittman | All photos by Susie Goodman

Lari Pittman: Declaration of Independence is the most comprehensive retrospective in 20 years of the work of the American artist Lari Pittman.

The exhibition is at the UCLA Hammer Museum and includes approximately 80 paintings and 50 works on paper. He has been a strong presence in the local art community and internationally plus has been a long revered teacher at UCLA. His highly detailed work tells grand tales about history, love, sex, death, art, citizenship, memories and creates a rich visual language that he has developed over his 4 decade career.

KUSC’s Sheila Tepper recently spoke with Lari Pittman and Connie Butler. Hit play below to listen to our bonus Arts Alive features.


The exhibition is organized by Connie Butler, chief curator. The admission is free and is on until January 5. Learn more at Scroll down to see more photos from the exhibition.

Chief Curator Connie Butler

“Untitled #4, 2009”

“Untitled #8 (The Dining Room), 2005”

“How Sweet the Day After This and That, Deep Sleep Is Truly Welcomed, 1988”

“Maladies and Treatments, 1983”

“Birthplace, 1984”

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