“Wild Wild Country” composer Brocker Way

Hit play below to listen to our extended Music for Moving Pictures interview featuring Brocker Way discussing his score for Wild Wild Country.

Brocker Way’s score for the Netflix documentary series, Wild Wild Country, makes a pretty grand statement. The series, which just won an Emmy, tells the true, recent, weirdly-not-common-knowledge story about a utopian religious group—okay, cult—called the Rajneeshees. Named after their Indian guru, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, they moved from India to rural Oregon in the 1980s and set up their own town.

It’s a certifiably insane story from our very recent history, happening in our backyard—full of colorful characters, attempted poisonings, and violent clashes between the Rajneeshees (led by their fiery spokeswoman, Sheela) and the irate locals of the sleepy town of Antelope, Oregon. It’s six hours of cliff-hanging drama, and all scored with big, brassy bravado by Brocker Way, the older brother of the documentary’s fraternal co-directors, Chapman Way and Maclain Way. The Way boys first hit the world stage with their Netflix documentary, The Battered Bastards of Baseball, about their grandfather’s short-lived minor league team, the Portland Mavericks.

Cinematic drama runs in the family: their grandfather was Western character actor, Bing Russell, which makes their uncle Kurt Russell, and their aunt Goldie Hawn. But no claims of Hollywood nepotism can account for the huge talent in Brocker Way’s wild wild score.

Brocker Way’s score for Wild Wild Country is available now digitally and on vinyl. Check him out at brockerwaymusic.com.

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