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2018 was a big year for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She celebrated the 25th anniversary of her 1993 appointment to the US Supreme Court by then President Bill Clinton. She is the second woman to have held that position and for a time was the only woman on the panel of justices. Her work has included notable rulings in cases involving gender discrimination, search and seizure, and international law.

Last October, the Skirball Museum opened a first-ever exhibit in honor of the justice. Titled Notorious RBG: Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it takes an exploration of Ginsburg’s life through exhibits and her writings. Continuing with their year of honoring Ginsburg, the Skirball will host composer and soprano Patrice Michaels this Sunday, January 13th as she presents a concert featuring her song cycle “The Long View” from her 2018 album Notorious RBG in Song.

Each of the cycle’s nine songs tells the story of Ginsburg’s life through the eyes of colleagues, friends, and even a few dissenting voices. Michaels infused the work with jazz harmonies and rhythm, music Ginsburg may have heard during her childhood. It is Michaels’ hope that the audience will gain a more candid view into Ginsburg’s life.

Tickets are available for this Sunday’s performance, which will include pre-concert access to the Skirball’s Notorious RBG exhibit. Learn more at skirball.org.

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