The Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco

On Monday, the Exploratorium will be hosting a live concert event that’s both in celebration of, and determined by, the solar eclipse. It’s a work called 233rd day, before and after Totality written for the event by Wayne Grim, multimedia developer, sound artist, and curator for the Exploratorium. Kronos Quartet will be playing from a score that leaves a certain amount of decision making to the players, and Grim’s computer will be generating sounds based on a data stream being sent from a telescope station in Wyoming. There will be a small audience there, listening and watching live images of the eclipse and totality (which, beamed in from Wyoming, will happen during the hour after the near-eclipse in Southern California) and you’ll be able to see and hear the live stream below.


Jeffrey Freymann spoke with composer Wayne Grim about the project. Listen to the interview below:


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