We’re Powered by Your Support!

Classical KUSC is a listener-supported radio station. Approximately 80% of the funding it takes to stay on the air come from listeners just like you!

You Make It Possible

Being a Classical KUSC member means that you are playing your part to keep classical music alive on the air in Southern California. Classical KUSC relies on your support to fund:

Work on the ground in the community creating opportunities to share the beauty, joy, and education of classical music to the entire Southern California region.

Maintenance and upgrades on transmitter and studio equipment to improve your listening experience. Including the introduction of our mobile app and various streaming capabilities.

Ongoing expansion of Classical KUSC’s music library to introduce you to the best recordings and new releases.

Creation of new programming initiatives to pique your interest so you always have something to look forward to. Including our new host trainee program.

What Our Donors Are Saying

KUSC wakes us up in the morning and brings us to work and school, carries us home at night, soothes our nerves and makes life lighter, defines our emotions individually and connects us universally. It is an integral part of our family.

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Valerie Imhof

Leadership Circle, President's Circle Member