Get ready to #MakeSomeJoy with KUSC (and our friends at KDFC in Northern California are getting in on the fun, too). Right now we’re all looking for ways to connect socially, but appropriately. Let’s make some music together… with our #MakeSomeJoy challenge now underway on Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s what you do:

1. Have fun making a homemade instrument or grab an unexpected instrument you might have. Get creative! Need tips or sheet music? We have those below.

2. Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram.

3. Post a video of yourself playing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to tag @ClassicalKUSC and include the hashtags “#MakeSomeJoy #KUSC #KDFC”.

4. Tell your friends and family! Use Skype, Zoom, Facetime and more to create your own mini-orchestra with friends. Comment on fantastic videos from your fellow listeners. Have fun! We’re all in this together!

5. Keep your eyes peeled. We’ll be sharing videos from you and some of our hosts on Facebook, Instagram, and the KUSC Blog.

Let’s Make Some Joy!

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Tips, Tricks, and FAQs

What are the notes to “Ode to Joy”?
We have some handy sheet music below:

I need some ideas for creative homemade instruments
We’ve already seen people use empty bottles, juice glasses, jugs, kids instruments, and even a slinky. You can make percussive sounds from just about anything around the house including drawers, Tupperware, and jars – try filling containers with dried goods and shaking them up. You can build a string instrument using an old tissue box (or even a pickle jar lid ) and a few rubber bands strung across the opening. Try making a pan flute by cutting a few straws at different lengths and taping them together. You can make a kazoo by covering one end of a leftover paper towel tube with wax paper and fastening it with a rubber band or some tape – just poke a hole in the side of the tube and you’re good to go. Get as ambitious as you like!

Can I still post a video with myself playing a regular ol’ instrument?
Of course! We’re encouraging you to get crafty but everyone is welcome to participate.

What if I’m nervous about my performance?
No pressure here. All musical abilities are welcomed and celebrated.