The Queen Is Dead. Long Live the King.

King Charles III, running now through December 3rd at Pasadena Playhouse, opens at the funeral for Queen Elizabeth. Charles, who’s been waiting decades for his chance to rule, is finally King… but he’s about to be tested. A piece of legislation curtailing press freedoms crosses his desk, and even though he’s been plagued by the press his whole life – and is supposed to be an apolitical figurehead – he doesn’t want to put his name on the bill. He decides to take a stand, but the country, his family (Camilla, William, Kate and Harry are all there) and his rule pay the price. Abele stopped by the KUSC studios to talk about the unique challenges and opportunities of King Charles III. Listen to part one of our Out and About feature on King Charles III.

Posted 11/15/2017 8:40:05 AM