• June 24, 2017

    “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Words of welcome etched into the Statue of Liberty that have inspired so many, including American composer Peter Boyer. He’s our guest on Arts Alive. Plus, we take a look back at a decade of interviews with stars and up-and-coming talent on Arts Alive. And LA Times and Arts Alive film critic Kenneth Turan has some recommendations for cinefiles.

    Posted 6/24/2017 8:00:18 AM

  • June 22, 2017

    Danny Elfman is a four-time Oscar-nominated composer for film and television, best known for his 16-film collaboration with director Tim Burton and his scores for films such as Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Mission: Impossible, and Batman.

    For this special Arts Alive podcast, film music journalist Tim Greiving visited Elfman in his Los Angeles studio as he was preparing to leave for Prague to premiere his new violin concerto. In the interview, you’ll hear how a high-school dropout and self-taught musician became one of Hollywood’s top film composers, why Danny Elfman eats your low opinions of him for breakfast, and why his strange, circuitous path from rock star to film composer has now led to him crashing into the concert hall.

    Posted 6/22/2017 8:00:35 AM

  • June 17, 2017

    Randy Newman songs can tend toward the sardonic, but then there’s his music for animated movies, which can play your heartstrings like a violin. Newman brought his signature sound to the movie Cars 3 — we talk to him about it on Arts Alive. Plus, the Ensemble Theatre Company of Santa Barbara’s first professional summer training program for teens wants to teach aspiring actors as much about preparing as performing. Hear all about that, plus musicians’ pre-show rituals and more on the Arts Alive podcast.

    Posted 6/17/2017 8:00:45 AM

  • June 10, 2017

    25 female composer, 25 male composers. All commissioned to write music the famed Kronos Quartet will not only premiere, but also make available to anyone who wants to play it. Kronos violinist David Harrington talks about “Fifty for the Future.” And… it’s probably not like any museum exhibition you’ve seen before. Visitors can read a book in a cave, play Pong, and see all kinds of toys, from skateboards to hula hoops, that shaped the American West. It’s Play! at the Autry Museum and we take you there on the Arts Alive podcast.

    Posted 6/10/2017 8:00:06 AM

  • June 3, 2017

    The Angel City Chorale says you can keep your phone on at their upcoming concert — the LA choir is looking for new ways to introduce Angelenos to the magic of choral singing. And Ojai Music Festival Music Director Vijay Iyer talks about his inventive approach to bringing musicians together at this year’s upcoming festival. Plus, what can a composer’s creative process teach us about problem solving? The answer is on Ask the Dean. All that and more on the Arts Alive podcast.

    Posted 6/3/2017 7:00:54 AM

  • May 27, 2017

    She introduced Los Angeles to Gustavo Dudamel, built a brand a new hall and got the LA Phil on solid financial footing. How did Deborah Borda do it? We ask her on the Arts Alive podcast. And we hear from Dudamel himself about using music to build bridges, conducting at the Hollywood Bowl and saying good-bye to Borda. Plus film critic Kenneth Turan gives his impressions of the Cannes Film Festival, Ask the Dean and more. It’s all on the Arts Alive podcast.

    Posted 5/27/2017 8:00:10 AM

  • May 20, 2017

    Jeffrey Kahane is bidding farewell to his post as Music Director of the LA Chamber Orchestra. But before he goes, he has a few things to say … and he’s not afraid to shake people up. Plus, we talk to half of the Emerson String Quartet about staying together by being apart. All that and more on the Arts Alive podcast.

    Posted 5/20/2017 8:00:05 AM