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5 FM Audio channels, website, and mobile app - available on Radios, Smart Speakers and Smartphones in cars, at home, at work, on tablets, wearables, desktops and laptops.

Covering Los Angeles, Southern California, and the Central Coast

From San Diego thru San Luis Obispo. See Coverage Map

Part of Classical California

Classical Public Radio, delivering over 1.5 million monthly listeners across Northern and Southern California. Learn more about Classical California


Monthly Listeners on 5FM Channels


Monthly Listeners on Digital / Streaming Channels

Sources: Nielsen Audio SF MSA March 2023-August 2023, 6+ weekly cume, Google Analytics / Triton and Webcast Metrics 2023

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Proud partners at Soka, impressed by KUSC's active promotion of local artists and orchestras. Commendable commitment to showcasing the talent and creativity of the Los Angeles classical music community.

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Renee Bodie

General Manager, Soka Performing Arts Center, SOKA